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Hydraulic oil purification machines

hydraulic oil purification

Below, we look at hydraulic oil purification, an important process that takes place when servicing equipment that uses such oil. The article also discusses the equipment that is best suited for this task.

Areas of application for hydraulic oil

Hydraulic oil is a lubricant used in various industries. Pistons, pumps, valves, cooling systems, and filtration systems from aircraft to automotive industry segments: all of them use hydraulic oils. Performing in tough environment on a daily basis, these fluids are exposed to various factors that affect their quality and performance.

About 80% of equipment malfunctions are related to hydraulic oil contamination that may occur during transportation and storage, as well as during operation. At the same time, the preventive methods, including, but not limited to hydraulic oil purification and hydraulic oil filtration, help in reducing the risk of unscheduled repairs and in cutting back on financial costs to a great extent.

Types of hydraulic oil contaminants and the problems they cause

The type of hydraulic oil purification machine is determined by the impurities contained in this type of oil. The most common impurities in hydraulic oils include solids, water, and gases. Solids (metal particles, seal particles, dust) can cause initial damage, for instance, they can influence the control and adjustment properties, the wear or failure of parts. Water causes corrosion and impairs the lubricating properties of oil. The presence of gases may lead to oxidation, foaming of oil, increased wear of components, destruction of seals, impaired control and adjustment of equipment, premature aging, and shortened oil change intervals.

GlobeCore hydraulic oil purification machine

GlobeCore has developed a technology that allows removing all the listed impurities from hydraulic oil. This technology is implemented in CMM-LT hydraulic oil purification machines. Solids are removed by multistage filtration with customizable filtration fineness at each level to be selected from a series of 25, 5, 3, 1, or 0.3 microns. Dissolved gases and water are removed by heating and vacuuming. As a result, at the outlet of CMM-LT hydraulic oil purifier, the hydraulic oil purity corresponds to class 14/12 of ISO 4406 and class 6 of NAS 1638, the mass moisture content does not exceed 10 ppm, and the volumetric gas content is not greater than 1.5 %.

CMM-LT hydraulic oil purification machines are easy to operate: training even an inexperienced operator will take a few hours. Another distinсtive feature of this equipment is mobility and compactness. Owing to ingenious design solutions, the dimensions of CMM-LT hydraulic oil purifiers allow moving them through standard doorways which is particularly convenient in the settings of production workshops or oil facilities.

Periodic hydraulic oil purification and hydraulic oil filtration with the use of GlobeCore technology allows:

  • extending the service life of hydraulic oils;
  • reducing the number of hydraulic oil disposals;
  • maintaining the equipment operation reliability;
  • minimizing the probability of corrosion in hydraulic systems;
  • saving money on unscheduled maintenance and repair of equipment that fails due to hydraulic oil contamination.


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