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Oil Regeneration

GlobeCore CMM-R transformer oil regeneration plants. One of the distinctions of these highly efficient systems is that they can process oil in an energized transformer. This capability makes the machine an ideal solution to the problem of paper insulation treatment.

Operation of the CMM-R begins with connection to a powered transformer. The oil from the transformer passes into the unit for processing; the oxidation products are removed from the transformer with the oil, which undergoes regeneration and degassing processes. After the processing the oil goes back into the transformer, and the process is repeated in several cycles; the regenerated oil washes oxidation products from paper insulation. This cleaning process is enhanced by the high circulation rate, heat and vibration of the energized transformer, when contaminants are released from the paper into the oil and captured by the adsorbent in the unit when the oil is regenerated and degassed. The GlobeCore Oil Regeneration Machine makes it possible to regeneration and purify transformer oil, at the same time cleaning the bulk of transformer paper insulation.


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