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    Oil Moisture Meter TOR-1

    Oil Moisture Meter

    TOR-1 is a device for quick and precise measurement of the moisture content in insulation oil, even in miniscule quantities. 

    The high sensitivity and excellent long-term stability make this tester an ideal solution for constant control of moisture content in transformer oil.

    The TOET provides the following parameters:

    • active water; 
    • temperature; 
    • calculation of absolute water content in ppm.

    TOR-1 components

    The device includes all components for easy and comfortable use: 

    • two digital indicators: one for sample temperature, the other for moisture content in ppm;
    • a removable sample container;
    • two buttons: power and test start. 

    Operating principle

    The amount of water in the oil can be described as an absolute value in ppm or a relative value of aw:

    • ppm is the ratio of moisture weight to oil weight;
    • aw is the actual water content as a percentage of water content in fully saturated oil.

    A value  of aw = 0 corresponds to completely dry oil, while aw = 1 corresponds to a completely saturated oil. 

    The measurement with this sensor is based on exceptional long-term stability and resistance of capacitance sensor elements to contamination. The measured physical properties are water activity w and temperature T. Using these parameters, the device calculates the amount of water (ppm) in mineral transformer oil. The calculation of water content in non-mineral transformer oil and lubrication oil, may be performed by entering certain oil parameters.

    Range 0…1 aw (aw – active water)
    Precision at 20 °C ±0.02 aw (0…0.9 aw) ±0.03 aw (0.9…1 aw)
    Temperature measurement Yes
    Extra functionality High precision
    Sample temperature, °С -40…80
    Ambient temperature, °С -40…60

    • compact size;
    • simplicity of operation: to change the sample, simply change the sample container and press Start to begin the test;
    • versatility;
    • no need for PC connection;
    • can be used to test transformer oil in the field next to a transformer due to sufficient protection (metal anti-vandal buttons, protection of the sensor element, electric protection devices) and stabilized power source.

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