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Compressed Air Supply Unit UOV

УОВ (установка подачи сжатого воздуха)

The UOV unit is designed to supply dry compressed air to industrial pneumatic systems, pneumatic tool drives etc.

Unit components

The UOV unit consists of:

– an adsorption dryer to achieve the desired dew point of the air output;

– a compressor;

– pressure regulators;

– a ventilation system for forced supply of cooling air and hot air exhaust;

– a control cabinet with electrical connections, control buttons and light signals;

– piping to connect the compressor with the adsorption unit and the supply of compressed air to the outlet;

– a tent. 

UOV applications

The UOV can be used in any industry requiring dry compressed air (energy, chemical production, pharmaceutical, food and medical industries etc). 

No Parameter Value
1 Operating pressure, MPa (psi) 0,7 (101,5)
2 Compressed air temperature range, 0С (0F) +5…+40 (+41…+104)
3 Operation mode Continuous (duty ratio=100%)
4 Residual content of oil in the air, max, g/m3 (lb/gal) 0,001 (8,3410-9)
5 Simultaneous hose connections 2
6 Max power requirement, kW 5,5
7 Three phase 50 Hz AC voltage Customizable
8 Compressor assemble air tank volume, liters (gal) 270 (71)
9 Dew point, 0С (0F) -70 (-94)
10 Dimensions, mm (in) max
– length 3910 (154)
– width 1950 (77)
– height 2150 (85)
11 Weight, kg (lbs) max 1200 (2645)

– useable in many various industries;

– mobility;

– automatic operation;

– protected from weather by a tent.


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