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    CMM-8RP Sorbent Reactivation Unit


    The CMM-8RP is designed for restoration of used sorbent (fuller’s earth or bleaching clay) used in sorbent columns of oil treatment equipment.
    In comparison with the CMM-4RP model, the CMM-8RP can restore more than double the amount of sorbent per cycle: 770 kg against 300 kg.
    Operating principle
    When the sorbent in the columns of oil treatment equipment is saturated, it is loaded into the invertible columns of the CMM-8RP. The reactivation process takes 20 hours. The high temperature and vacuum facilitate the removal of the contaminant from the sorbent. The effluent goes into a moisture separator and then into a buffer tank. The liquid from the separator is removed by a pump.
    The sorbent is unloaded by opening the lids of the columns and tilting the columns.

    – complete removal of oil from the sorbent;
    – reactivated sorbent can again be used to process oil with any degree of contamination;
    – a minimum 10 sorbent reactivation cycles are possible;
    – after the sorbent is completely exhausted, it can be disposed of without harmful environmental effects.

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