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GlobeCore history began in 1969 with SPMK company.

At the turn of the century, GlobeCore expanded its operation and produces the first units for bitumen emulsion production and bitumen modification.

At the same time, the company analyzed the energy industry, and began development and production of hydrodynamic cavitation equipment for light oil product yield improvement and production of composite fuels.

The subsequent expansion of the product range was a response to the environmental changes. Many countries are adopting laws regarding waste handling, and GlobeCore develops the first unit for purification and regeneration of waste oil. With time, the company grows to become the world leader in the field of processing oils used in the energy industry.

In 2005, GlobeCore makes the decision to enter the US market. Today, the company has an office and a service center in Houston, TX.

The “green technologies” are further promoted by the development of new biodiesel production systems.

The company’s engineering department successfully completes the trials of the first industrial scale electromagnetic mills, which are designed for wastewater decontamination and disposal of various waste streams. Possible new applications of this system are constantly explored and expanded.

The number of models of industrial equipment manufactured under the GlobeCore trademark reaches 100.

In 2013, the company opens an office in the United Arab Emirates. At the same time, GlobeCore continues to hold educational seminars and participate in industrial expos and conferences worldwide.

A service center for Latin America opens in San Jose, Costa Rica, in 2017.

The next equipment by GlobeCore was developed in close cooperation with alternative energy professionals. These units are designed for efficient change of oil in wind turbine gearboxes.

GlobeCore introduced a line of devices for testing transformer oil samples in 2020 (measuring water and hydrogen content, breakdown voltage, dielectric loss tangent), as well as a remote diagnostic system for the condition of operating transformers.

Although the company’s equipment is in operation all over the world, we are not about to become complacent and our history continues for all our future clients. We are GlobeCore!