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CMM-0.6L Oil Degassing Oil Filtration Cart

The CMM-0.6L is designed for heating, pumping  and processing electrical insulation and cooling oil (in transformers, on load tap changers, bushings, high voltage switches etc). The process includes removal of particulate matter, gas and water.

This machine belongs to the lowest processing rate CMM category (up to 600 liters per hour).


The СММ-0.6L is built on a cart, which supports the components:

  • a device for transportation of oil (pump);
  • a device to increase the temperature of the oil (heater);
  • devices for the removal of solid particles (coarse and fine filters);
  • a cylindrical vessel with a special filler, with the air removed to create vacuum;
  • a device to evacuate the vacuum chamber (a vacuum pump);
  • a control system with buttons and process parameter sensors.

The components are connected by pipes.


Vacuum is the most important influence on oil in the CMM-0.6L. The vacuum pump removes air from the cylindrical vacuum chamber, The vacuum draws the oil through the particulate matter removal devices into the heater, where the oil is heated to process temperature. Then the oil is transported into the cylindrical chamber, which contains a special filler, increasing the surface area of the oil. The oil flows down and the vacuum extracts water and gas from the oil. Form the bottom of the vacuum chamber the oil flows into the filters, and then to the outlet of the unit.

Operator involvement

The participation of the human operator is limited to pushing the control buttons on the control panel. When the operator presses a button, the the associated mode is engaged and operates without human interference. The control panel is also equipped with various signal devices indicating which components are engaged and providing alarm signals.

The process temperature of the oil is selected by the operator on an electronic display screen, and is maintained without human participation.


The safety of CMM-0.6L operation is ensured by process parameter control devices and special protections:

  • heater temperature control (overheating protection);
  • oil level control (prompt stop of the pumps if no oil is detected in the system);
  • oil leak control (stop of the machine in case of oil hose rupture and leaks);
  • foaming prevention;
  • electric motor and control circuit protection.

Who this machine is built for

The CMM-0.6L is designed for transformer (and other mineral oil-filled electrical equipment) assembly, servicing and repair companies.

No. Parameter Description Value
1 Efficiency, m3/hour 0.6
2 Power supply (AC 50Hz, V) 380*
3 Rated input power, kW 14
4 Pre-filter, micron 200
5 Degree of filtration, microns 5
6 Cleanliness level after processing (as per ISO 4406) -/14/12
7 Oil breakdown voltage not less, kV 60**
8 Outside dimensions (excl.hoses) not more, mm
— length 750
— width 525
— height 1450
9 Weight (without oil) not more, kg 230

* – any voltage available at customer’s request

** – provided that the processed oil has not been in use.

You can purchase the CMM-0.6 degassing unit right now by contacting one of our managers on the contact list.

In order to change the default parameters to your specific needs, the Customer must fill out a questionnaire, wherein you should include the necessary technical requirements.

  • compact size;
  • ease of maintenance and operation;
  • silent operation;
  • the ability to be powered through a conventional 220 electrical outlet.


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