Oil Tan Delta Tester TOR-3

The unit is designed for determining dielectric loss tangent and permittivity of transformer oils and other dielectric fluids according to the IEC 60247.

It is a fully automatic device that allows testing according to the procedures defined in these standards, as well as according to the user procedures specified in the appropriate section of the setup menu.

Operating principle

The principle of operation is based on measuring the difference in amplitudes and phases of signals obtained when a test sinusoidal voltage with an effective value of up to 2 kV is applied simultaneously to the reference capacitor and the object of measurement, which is the measuring cell of the unit.

The difference between the amplitudes of the signals taken from the reference capacitor and the internal electrode of the measuring cell is proportional to the dielectric constant of the liquid under study. The phase difference between the signals taken from the reference capacitor and the internal electrode of the measuring cell characterizes the value of the dielectric loss tangent.




1 Operating AC voltage, V

85 – 264

2 Power frequency, Hz

48 – 63

3 Power requirement, VA

Below 250

4 Applied measuring voltage АС, kV

Sinusoidal, 500 – 2000 V actual

5 Tan δ measurement range

0,00001 – 1

6 Tan δ measurement resolution


7 Tan δ measurement accuracy

+/- 1% of measurement + 0,00008

8 Measurement range of relative dielectric constant ε

1,0 – 15,0

9 Accuracy of ε measurement

+/- 1%

10 Electrical capacitance C measurement range, pF

20 – 1000

11 Accuracy of С measurement, pF

+/- 1% + 1

12 Oil temperature measurement range, ᴼС (oF)

20 – 110 (68 – 230)

13 Measuring cell volume, cm³ (in³)

42 (2,6)

14 Electric capacity of an empty cell, pF

65 – 85

15 One measurement duration, minutes, not more than


16 AC frequency setting range, Hz

45 – 65

17 Temperature measurement resolution, oС (oF)

0,5 (33)

18 Inbuilt printer


19 Process temperature, oС (oF)

0 – 50 (32 – 122)

20 Storage temperature, oС (oF)

– 20 (- 4) to +60 (+140)

21 Relative humidity, %

Up to 90 without condensation

22 Dimensions, mm (in)

400 (16) Х 450 (18) Х 300 (12)*

23 Weight, kg (lbs), not more than

5,3 (12)*

* – with installed and connected cell

  • fast measurements whith maintaining accuracy;
  • the measurement process is automated, controlled by a computer, you can save the results and print them on a printer;
  • can be completed with engineering software “Tangent Service”, thanks to which it is possible to view the results online, as well as an archive of measurements in graphic or digital form;
  • variability of settings – can be used for research purposes;
  • light weight, compact size, easy to use.


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