CLM-40.2 Colloid Mill

Colloid mill1A colloid mill is a machine that is used to reduce the particle size of a solid in suspension...
    • Delamination  resistance of mixture;
    • Adjusted rotor-stator gap  without need of disassembling.

Colloid mill1A colloid mill is a machine that is used to reduce the particle size of a solid in suspension in a liquid, or to reduce the droplet size in emulsions. CLM-40.2 is designed for grinding of granules or particles of SBS polymer2Poly (styrene-butadiene-styrene) or SBS, is a hard rubber that’s used to modify asphalt, to make soles of shoes, tire treads, and other places where durability is important. for production of modified bitumen3Modification of bitumen is the incorporation of special additives in bitumen by mechanical mixing or chemical reaction..

The unit may be supplied either as a part of a plant or separately for retrofitting into existing equipment.

The unit is designed for operation either indoors or outdoors under canopy.

The design of the unit allows operation in temperatures from +50С to +400С.

Bituminous grouts — field of application

  1. Bituminous grouts are classified both by fields of application and by methods of use (cold and hot coating).
  2. Some grouts require preliminary surface preparation with primers. A primer is a bituminous priming material containing a bitumen and a solvent and having a high penetrability and a short drying time.
  3. Types of grouts and their uses:

а) Coating grout (cold application):

  • waterproofing of surfaces;
  • treatment of joints and cracks;
  • puttying of surfaces;
  • attaching of rolled bitumen materials;
  • anticorrosive protection of metal structures.
  1. b) Coating grout (cold application). It can be used at sub-zero ambient temperatures. It is used for repair and forms an ultrastrong waterproof coating on the steel, concrete, and wood structures sunk deeper into the ground.

с) Bituminous-rubber grout (cold application) is used for waterproofing of foundations, walls, tanks, pipelines, etc.

  1. d) Adhesive grout (cold application). Designed for attaching the extruded polystyrene to bituminous, bituminous-polymer insulating materials in foundation insulation systems.

Modified bitumen — Fields of application

  1. Road construction:
  • production of asphalt concrete which is used for new construction and repair of first-class roads, bridges, overpasses, road junctions, etc.;
  • production of stone matrix asphalt concrete (SMA) for pavement topping of first-class highways and roads;
  • production of porous asphalt concrete;
  • plaсing of crack-stopping membrane interlayers.
  1. Hydraulic engineering facilities:
  • production of PMB-based grouts for coating of water storage facilities, swimming pools, water supply pipe linings.
  1. Roofing:
  • production of PMB-based rolled roofing materials (Ruberoid, Euroruberoid).
  1. Bitumen shingles:
  • production of grouts for laying and repair of roofing surfaces.



Capacity, m3/hour


Operating pressure, MPa


Nominal RPM


Drive power, kW


Suction/charge mean bore diameter, mm


Heat carrier max temperature, ºС


Dimensions, mm:
– length


– width


– height


Weight, kg


Note.* – the mill is supplied without electric motor
Equipment configurations that are not included in this configurator can be implemented via a separate request to [email protected].

Aplication :

  • Delamination  resistance of mixture;
  • Adjusted rotor-stator gap  without need of disassembling.
Equipment configurations that are not included in this configurator can be implemented via a separate request to [email protected].

Aplication :

Application Fields of GlobeCore Colloid Mills

GlobeCore colloid mills can be used in:

  • food industry;
  • chemical industry;
  • pharmaceutical industry;
  • cosmetic industry;
  • construction industry;
  • minerals crushing;
  • and other fields.

Applications of GlobeCore colloid mills in food industry:

  • vegetable puree production;
  • grinding of spices (black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, basil,);
  • garlic paste production;
  • horseradish grinding;
  • mayonnaise production;
  • mustard production;
  • jam production;
  • caramel production;
  • cookies filling production;
  • soy milk and soy sauce production;
  • almond oil production;
  • peanut paste;
  • hazelnut paste;
  • pine nut paste production;
  • linseed paste;
  • sunflower seeds grinding;
  • pumpkin seeds grinding;
  • rapeseed grinding;
  • lentils grinding;
  • grain sorghum grinding;
  • bean paste production;
  • yogurt production;
  • cheese production;
  • cream production;
  • turmeric grinding;
  • starch production;
  • salt grinding;
  • sugar grinding;
  • seaweed grinding;
  • coconut grinding;
  • fish paste production;
  • meat paste production;
  • cashew paste production;
  • seed, nut, or kernel butter production;
  • pistachio paste production;
  • dried bread grinding;
  • lemon peel grinding;
  • cocoa powder obtaining;
  • cocoa paste obtaining;
  • ice-cream production;
  • creamed curds obtaining;
  • ketchup obtaining;
  • snacks production;
  • fruit juices production;
  • baby food production;
  • salad dressing production;
  • fruit tea obtaining;
  • chili pepper grinding;
  • avocado oil obtaining;
  • sesame paste production;
  • apple puree obtaining;
  • tomato paste production;
  • rice flour obtaining;
  • cornflour obtaining;
  • sausages and frankfurters production;
  • beer production;
  • pork skin protein stabilizer production

Applications of GlobeCore colloid mills in chemical industry:

  • silicone oil production;
  • lubricating and cooling emulsion production;
  • emulsol production;
  • coloring pigment production;
  • detergent production;
  • chlorine liquid production;
  • ink production;
  • biogel production;
  • acrylic powder production;
  • synthetic lubricant production;
  • emulsified explosives production;
  • paraffin production;
  • liquid rubber production;
  • crude oil sludge emulsion obtaining;
  • powdered laundry detergent production;
  • liquid fertilizers production;
  • shoe cream production;
  • plastics production;
  • сhemical agents production;
  • flotation agents (carbon) production;

GlobeCore colloid mills application in pharmaceutical industry:

  • balm production;
  • syrup production;
  • gel production;
  • ointment production;
  • suspension obtaining;
  • solutions obtaining;
  • sprays production;
  • lotions production;
  • grinding of medicinal plants, including aloe;
  • pharmaceutical pastes production;
  • iodine production;
  • camphor production;
  • menthol obtaining;
  • thymolum obtaining;
  • phenyl salicylate production;
  • cough powder obtaining;
  • activated carbon obtaining;
  • boric acid obtaining;
  • essential oils production;
  • salicylic acid obtaining;
  • streptocide production;
  • validolum production;
  • vaccines production;
  • royal jelly obtaining;
  • obtaining of internal infusion injections;
  • obtaining of pancreatic enzyme products;
  • fish liver oils obtaining;
  • ethyl alcohol production.

Application of GlobeCore colloid mills in cosmetic industry:

  • shower gel production;
  • hair balm production;
  • nail polish production;
  • liquid soap production;
  • cosmetic cream production;
  • stain removers production;
  • shampoo production;
  • facial powder production;
  • mascara production;
  • lipstick production;
  • blush production;
  • toothpaste production;
  • facial pack

Applications of GlobeCore colloid mills in construction industry:

  • paint production;
  • color pigment obtaining;
  • silicone adhesive production;
  • chalk paste obtaining;
  • casein glue production;
  • putty production;
  • lime-clay mix production;
  • lime-gypsum mortar obtaining;
  • plaster production;
  • varnish production;
  • bitumen emulsion production;
  • modified bitumen production;
  • production of anti-corrosive waterproof coatings;
  • sealants production;
  • bitumen-polymer grout production;
  • cold porcelain production;
  • ceramic glaze obtaining.

GlobeCore colloid mills are used for crushing the following minerals:

  • talcum;
  • calcite;
  • halite;
  • biotite;
  • dolomite;
  • fluorite;
  • manganese;
  • gypsum;

Other possible applications of GlobeCore colloid mills include:

  • eggshell grinding;
  • chicken manure grinding;
  • upcycled leather production;
  • amaranth seeds grinding;
  • fish feed production;
  • cardboard shredding;
  • nutshell grinding;
  • grain brew preparation;
  • cell-rich suspension obtaining;
  • protein solutions obtaining;
  • chicken bones grinding;
  • nanomaterials production.
Equipment configurations that are not included in this configurator can be implemented via a separate request to [email protected].

Aplication :

Equipment configurations that are not included in this configurator can be implemented via a separate request to [email protected].

Aplication :