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Accessories and options

The site presents installations in the basic configuration. But due to the peculiarities of the technological processes at the enterprises, the equipment may include non-standard components and is often produced taking into account the individual wishes of our customers.

We recommend using only genuine GlobeCore replacement parts for your installations. They can be purchased directly from GlobeCore or its dealers. Our specialists and dealers have all the necessary information regarding the correct selection of spare parts and accessories for each individual unit and will provide you with the necessary advice.

In the case of using components or spare parts that are not recommended by GlobeCore, our company cannot guarantee the reliable operation of the units and the conformity of the characteristics of the output product with the declared parameters.

We also remind you that the use of non-GlobeCore authorized parts and accessories is sufficient grounds for voiding the warranty.

GlobeCore reserves the right to make technical improvements to its equipment to improve its performance without prior notice.


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