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CMM-6RL dark heating fuel polishing machine

Heating fuel is a type of petroleum products with the greatest use in the field of heating residential and industrial buildings. Applications in agriculture (grain drying) and bakery production (fuel for ovens) are also possible. For example, the diesel fuel incompliant with the technical requirements for operation in diesel engines may be used as heating fuel.

Heating fuel is classified into dark and light types. The applicable scope of light heating fuel is usually wider due to a lower content of harmful impurities. Dark heating fuel contains sulfur and asphalt-resin substances which are supplemented with carboxylic and hydroxycarboxylic acids, phenols, soap, etc. after oxidation. Therefore, it is advisable that dark heating fuel be first purified before use. It also happens that dark heating fuel is close to diesel fuel by its parameters, but has an unmarketable color and an unpleasant smell which also considerably reduces the scope of possible applications.

Dark heating fuel polishing in CMM-6RL unit

In order to avoid storing the dark heating fuel as ballast, it is purified and clarified for expanding its applications. Special chemicals can be used. However, chemical-based purification is challenging to implement and is accompanied by formation of by-products, for example, acid tar, which are difficult to dispose of.

GlobeCore technology for dark heating fuel polishing is more practicable and environmentally friendly. It is implemented in CMM-6RL unit. The unit consists of six columns with 150 kilograms of natural adsorbent contained in each one. The adsorbent has a very high absorptivity for harmful impurities and oxidation products of dark heating fuel. The adsorbent not only absorbs these impurities, but also securely retains them in its granules. Thus, in order to purify and clarify the fuel, it is enough just to run it through the adsorbent layer. After passing through CMM-6RL unit, dark heating fuel is clarified and has no unpleasant smell which allows expanding the scope of its application or selling it at a higher price.

Operation features of CMM-6RL unit for dark heating fuel polishing

The main feature of CMM-6RL unit is the possibility to reactivate the adsorbent without removing it from the regeneration columns. If the used adsorbent should be disposed of in other equipment of a similar intended purpose, GlobeCore technology ensures reclamation of the adsorbent by burning, as well as repeated use thereof for dark heating fuel polishing (at least 300 reactivations).

Duration of operating cycles and power consumption

CMM-6RL unit for dark heating fuel polishing sequentially operates in the following modes:

  1. Fuel polishing (duration — 6 h, power consumption — 1.5 kW/h);
  1. Adsorbent reactivation:
  • preparation (duration — 1 h, power consumption — 6.25 kW/h);
  • adsorbent ignition (duration — 1 h, power consumption — 17.5 kW/h);
  • adsorbent combustion (duration — 15 h, power consumption — 25.5 kW/h);
  • refilling (duration — 0.5 h, power consumption — 6.5 kW/h).


No. Parameter Value
1 Capacity, m3/h 0.45*
2 Sorbent reactivation time, not more than 19 hours
3 Required power consumption, kW 14.5
4 Three-phase 50, 60 Hz AC power supply voltage, V 380
5 Dimensions, mm, not more than

– length

– width

– height





6 Weight, kg, not more than 2100

* – in order to obtain the best result of dark heating fuel polishing, it is recommended to first remove mechanical impurities by means of CMM-4.0F unit and water — by means of CMM-1.0CF unit.

  • Convenience of operation. The unit is quickly connected to tanks for clean and dirty oil through camlock quick couplings; the oil purification process is visually monitored by means of sight glasses; a service hatch is provided at the bottom of the columns for their maintenance and cleaning.
  • The unit can operate in automatic mode. The required operating mode is selected, and the actuators are controlled from the touch panel which displays a mnemonic diagram of the unit. In order to enable the control buttons, the operator just needs to touch them.
  • The adsorbent is reclaimed without being removed from the unit and can be used for the next regeneration cycle immediately after cooling. At the end of the last reactivation, the adsorbent can be used as a construction aggregate or in agriculture to loosen compact soils.
  • There occur no harmful emissions into the environment during the unit operation. The unit is equipped with a two-stage system for neutralization of combustion products which consists of a carbon filter and a catalytic converter.


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