Laboratory colloid mill CLM-0.25.1

CLM-0.25.1 colloid mill is designed for homogenization and emulsification of liquid materials (thick slurries of high shear stresses) in a laboratory environment.

CLM-0.25.1 can be used:

  • to prepare laboratory batches of bitumen emulsions;
  • to select the formulation of bitumen emulsion depending on its set of ingredients and field of application.

This colloid mill can be supplied as part of USB-2 bitumen emulsion production units, or as a separate product.

Parameter Value
1 Capacity,  L/h (gpm), (min)

 25 (0.11)*

2 Fill funnel volume, L (gal)

1.5 (0.4)

3 Operating temperature, °C (°F), (max)

150 (302)

4 Knife axial gap, mm (in)

 0.25… 1.25 (9.8∙10-3… 4.9∙10-2)

5 Knife radial gap, mm (in)

0.25 (9.8∙10-3)

6 Knife tip speed, m/s (ips)

 50-57 (1,968.5-2,244)**

7 Rotation speed of mill shaft and electric drive, rpm


8 Rated power of electric drive, kW


9 Power circuit voltage at 50 Hz (three-phase), V


10 Dimensions in operational position, mm (in), (max)
– length

340 (13)/425 (17)

– width

290 (11)

– height

450 (18)

11 Weight, kg (lbs), (max)

15 (33)

* Depending on the product viscosity

** Depending on installation of frequency converter

*** As requested by the customer

  • capacity adjustment;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • compactness;
  • selection of the optimal ratio of asphalt emulsion components (recipes);
  • preparation of bitumen emulsion samples for further testing.
  • any type of materials for asphalt emulsion production can be tested in this mill because the mill can be equipped with various rotor/stator tooling, depending on the material and the required process.



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