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    GlobeCore/ Products/ Custom Equipment/ CMM-5M INDUSTRIAL OIL PURIFICATION MACHINE


    The CMM-5M purifies removes water and particulate matter from industrial oil. The purification is achieved by pumping the oil through a special filter element with magnets. Filtration rate depends on the type of filter element installed.    

    The machine operates in input, output and internal circulation modes.

    No Parameter Value
    1 Processing rate, m3/hour (gpm) 6 (22)
    2 Power voltage, three phases, 50 Hz, V 380
    3 Electrical enclosure ІР 55
    4 Filtration fineness, μm 5
    5 Nominal power requirement, kW 3
    6 Nominal oil output pressure, bar (psi) 0,3 (4,35)
    7 Max transformer pump output pressure, bar (psi) 16 (232)
    8 Pre-filter, μm 200
    9 Max dimensions, mm (in)– length

    – width

    – height

    2150 (85)

    1920 (76)

    2380 (94)

    10 Weight, kg (lbs) max 1000 (2200)

    • any type of industrial oil can be purified;
    • easy transition between oil types; washing the vessels and piping is sufficient;
    • the drive motor is dust and water proof.

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