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    CMM-10 mobile oil plant


    The unit is built as a self-contained unit with all components and operating assemblies protected by metal panels and easy opening gas-spring loaded doors on the sides and back of the unit. The “Containerized”unit is placed on a tandem axle trailer that is street legal and ready to be towed to any remote  location.

    The unit consists of a vacuum1Vacuum is space devoid of matter. An approximation to such vacuum is a region with a gaseous pressure much less than atmospheric pressure. chamber, input and output oil pumps, coarse and fine filters2Filter is a device which separates solids from fluids (liquids or gases) by adding a medium through which only the fluid can pass., oil trap, oil heater3Oil heating is used for treatment of oil in degassing, drying and regeneration machines to accelerate the process. Dehydration is based on the difference of water and oil boiling points. Since water boiling point is lower, heating can evaporate that water from the oil before the boiling point of oil is achieved., pipelines with valves, vacuum pump4A vacuum pump is a device that removes gas molecules from a sealed volume in order to leave behind a partial vacuum. section and a control cabinet.

    Parameter Value
    Capacity, m3/hour / gals. per hour:
    • degassing, drying and filtration mode
    • heating and filtration mode
    Processed oil parameters*:
    • volumetric gas content %, max
    • mass moisture content, g/ton, max
    • filtration fineness, micron
    Oil output temperature in heating mode, ºС/ ºF 90/194
    Outlet pressure, MPa 0.4
    Oil heater power, kW 180
    Max power consumption, kW 210
    Residual pressure in vacuum chamber during degassing, mbar, max 267
    Residual pressure in vacuum chamber during air tightness test, mbar, max 26.7
    Air leak into the chamber in 1 hour, mbar max: 267
    Electric power parameters
    • voltage, V
    • AC frequency, Hz**
    Dimensions, mm/ft, max
    • length
    • height
    • width
    Weight, kg/lbs, max 3500/7735

    Note: * initial oil parameters:

    • volumetric gas content – below 5%;
    • mass moisture content – below 01% (100 g/ton);
    • temperature – above 0 ºС/ 32 ºF.

    **All equipment sold in the USA is designed to operate on 60 Hz AC Power

    • transformer oil dielectric strength increase to at least 70 kV;
    • transformer drying with simultaneous oil processing;
    • initial filling of electrical equipment with insulation oil;
    • evacuation of transformers and other electrical equipment;
    • simple operation and servicing.

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