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CMM-260C Online Transformer Dry-Out System

Transformer Drying Unit

Water is a dangerous enemy of the transformer, reducing the dielectric strength of transformer oil, accelerating the aging of oil and solid insulation. It is impossible to entirely prevent water contamination in a transformer, since it forms regardless of service quality and airtightness of the unit. However, it is possible to protect the transformer with the CMM-260C continuous drying device. This machine is connected to the transformer and keeps it dry throughout its service life by passing its oil through a microporous granular sorbent. Water is absorbed and reliably held in its crystals.



Capacity, liters/hour (gpm), not less than

30 (0,13)

Water absorption capacity, liters (gal)

9 (2,4)

Adsorbent load per column, kg (lbs)

20 (44)

Parameters of processed oil:

– max moisture content, ppm

< 5

– ISO 4406 class


– min dielectric strength, kV


Output pressure, bar (psi)

2 (29)

Oil output head, m (in)

20 (790)

Max power required, kW


Power supply

voltage, V


AC frequency, Hz


Dimensions,  mm (in), max


1150 (45)


1980 (78)


490 (19)

Max weight, kg (lbs)

400 (880)

  • connection to transformer of any type and age;
  • the process of connection takes less than an hour;
  • the sorbent captures water regardless of its temperature and form;
  • the machine dries the oil without heating and does not require constant operator control;
  • the machine can be installed temporarily or permanently.


Components type - basic

Components type - premium

The cable is fitted with an industrial sealed connector, consisting of an internal plug and a cable socket

The cable wires' ends are fitted with a crimp terminals

The cable is fitted with an industrial sealed connector, consisting of an internal socket and a cable plug

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