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Oil Purification and Filtration Systems

GlobeCore Oil purification equipment increases the reliability of power transformer, eliminates unscheduled repairs and downtime, and also saves money on purchases of fresh oils. GlobeCore produces customized oil filtration plants for individual orders, supervise installation and commissioning and assist with the startup of equipment. In addition, it is possible to add new features and functions (for example, a particle counter or Remote control and process monitoring via smartphone or PC).

GlobeCore offers a wide range of mineral oil purification systems, most commonly used for purification of electrical insulating oil, suitable for any specific application.

One important feature of our products is the capability to operate with energized transformers. To do so, the oil purification machine and the transformer are connected using a Transformer Safety System (TSS). This device takes a reading of oil level inside the transformer prior to operation and keeps the level unchanged throughout processing. Using quick coupling makes connecting GlobeCore’s oil purification systems to transformers incredibly simple.

Transformer oil often contains water that has a significant adverse effect on the quality and performance of the oil, decreasing breakdown voltage and accelerating aging. Our company offers a range of products for transformer oil filtration and purification. These systems rid the oil from water, gas and solid particles.

GlobeCore manufactures and supplies equipment for transformer oil filtration, industrial oils, turbine and other types of oils.


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