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Oil Filtration and Purification Systems

GlobeCore oil purification equipment increases the reliability of power transformer, eliminates unscheduled repairs and downtime, and also saves money on purchases of fresh oils. GlobeCore produces customized oil filtration plants for individual orders, supervise installation and commissioning and assist with the startup of equipment. In addition, it is possible to add new features and functions (for example, a particle counter or Remote control and process monitoring via smartphone or PC).

Equipment of secondary oil filtration produced by GlobeCore enables to remove mechanical impurities, soot (coal), free and part of dissolved water, and also water-soluble acids and alkalis from industrial oils. This equipment has a compact size and is sufficiently mobile, therefore it can be used in those sites where oil products are used directly. A desired degree of purification is achieved in just one operation cycle. Simplicity of design and operation does not set high qualification requirements for the maintenance staff.The filtration systems are efficient enough to achieve the required rate of impurity removal even in one pass of the oil through the system, yet the simple and convenient design makes operation of these units extremely easy.

GlobeCore manufactures and supplies equipment for transformer oil filtration, industrial oils, turbine and other types of oils.


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