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Soy sauce production machine

GlobeCore offers an innovative solution for soy sauce production – the CLM-100.3 colloid mill. This colloid mill is ideal for grinding the ingredients required in the soy sauce production process. Thanks to the advanced technology used in the CLM-100.3, high quality and homogeneity of the final product is achieved.
The CLM-100.3’s primary benefits are its high productivity and dependability. Because of the sturdy materials used in its construction, the equipment will last a long time with little upkeep. The mill’s small size and ergonomic design make it simple to incorporate into any manufacturing line, increasing the efficiency of the soy sauce production process.
In order to meet consumer needs, the manufacture of soy sauce may be achieved with the right consistency and rich flavor thanks to the GlobeCore CLM-100.3 COLLOID MILL.

Soy sauce production machine CLM-100.3 Specification

Seq. No. Parameter Value
1 Unit capacity, m3/h (gpm) 0.1 (0.44)*
2 Funnel input volume, L (gal) 5 (1.3)
3 Shaft seal type labyrinth
4 Knife axial gap (preset), mm (in) 0.4…0.8 (1.5·10-2

… 3·10-2)

5 Knife tip speed, m/s (mph), not more than 40 (90)
6 Mill shaft and bearing rotation speed, rpm 5,880
7 Electric motor shaft rotation speed, rpm 2,940
8 Drive power, kW 3
9 Power voltage, V custom
10 Dimensions, mm, not more than:
-length 600 (24)
-width 700 (28)
-height 650 (26)
11 Weight, not more than, kg (lb) 70 (154)


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