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Ketchup production machine CLM-100.3

GlobeCore offers an efficient and reliable solution for ketchup production – the CLM-100.3 colloid mill. This equipment is designed to provide a uniform texture and high quality finished product, making it indispensable for any ketchup maker. The CLM-100.3 colloid mill from GlobeCore is designed for fine grinding and mixing of various ingredients, all kinds of formulations. The advanced technology of this device guarantees stable quality of the production process and high productivity of the equipment as a whole. One of the main advantages of the CLM-100.3 is its easy integration into existing production lines, as well as the unification of most components, which makes it easy to modernise production. The use of the CLM-100.3 colloid mill allows to achieve optimal consistency of ketchup, its visual homogeneity and controlled texture, which in turn improves its flavour and appeal to the end consumer. This machine is equipped with a state-of-the-art control system that allows precise control of the production process, ensuring consistently high product quality and reducing overall labour costs.

Ketchup production machine Specification

Seq. No. Parameter Value
1 Unit capacity, m3/h (gpm) 0.1 (0.44)*
2 Funnel input volume, L (gal) 5 (1.3)
3 Shaft seal type labyrinth
4 Knife axial gap (preset), mm (in) 0.4…0.8 (1.5·10-2

… 3·10-2)

5 Knife tip speed, m/s (mph), not more than 40 (90)
6 Mill shaft and bearing rotation speed, rpm 5,880
7 Electric motor shaft rotation speed, rpm 2,940
8 Drive power, kW 3
9 Power voltage, V custom
10 Dimensions, mm, not more than:
-length 600 (24)
-width 700 (28)
-height 650 (26)
11 Weight, not more than, kg (lb)


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