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Relaunch of “Mojave Heat-100” production

September, this year, GlobeCore restarted production of Mojave Heat -100

“Mojave Heat-100” is designed for drying of transformer tanks with hot air, which is dehydrated and cleaned from mechanical impurities. This equipment prevents the ingress of moisture from atmospheric air into the electrical insulation and the active part of transformer when the transformer is depressurized. The new “Mojave Heat-100” is more compact in size than the previous models. The new design provides easy transportation, comfortable use convenient service and maintenance of electrical equipment.

The unit has a metal body, which is divided into two compartments. The unit dryes the atmospheric air in an adsorbent cartridge filled with synthetic zeolite. Then it purifies dried air from mechanical impurities in a dust filter.

Technical characteristics of Mojave Heat-100

Parameters Value
1. Dry air capacity, m3 / min, min 1,7
2. Dry air max dew point, ° С 50
3. Dry air pressure, MPa / bar 0,018/0,18
4. Max dry air temperature, ° С 90±15
5. Adsorbent load, kg, max 190
6. Number of adsorbers, pcs. 1
7. Zeolite max regeneration temperature, ° С 430
8. Air heater power, kW, max 24
9. Power consumption, kW, max Air drying (normal mode) 1
Regeneration of adsorbent in the adso 25
Hot air input 25
10. Three-phase 50Hz, AC voltage, V 380
11. Temperature of hot air output for regeneration of adsorbent, ° С, max 430
12. Time for adsorbent  regeneration, hours 4
13. Fineness of dry air filtration, μm 5
14. Overall dimensions, mm, max: length 1350
width 800
height 1700
15. Weight, kg, max 550

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