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A New Plant for Shipping Delivery

The engineering department of our company developed a new design of bitumen plant USB-3 with a capacity of 6 m3 / h.

This type of equipment is very popular, due to the wide range of bitumen applications (roofing and waterproofing, road works, pipeline protection, lining of canals, etc.).  It improves the properties of bitumen after modification (prolonged life of coating, improved resistance in a range of operational temperatures, improved deformation resistance, water resistance and strength).

The new USB-3 plant has the following advantages:

  • Sizes adjusted for transportations in containers by vehicles and by sea;
  • Improves quality of modified bitumen without loss of productivity due to double passage through a colloid mill in one operation cycle;
  • Uses the available forms of additives (solid, liquid, powder, etc.);
  • Number of bitumen pumps reduced. Two instead of three pumps used: one for pumping in, and another for a colloid mill and pumping out.

If you are interested in purchasing a USB-3 bitumen modification unit, please contact one of our contacts.