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Bitumen emulsion production equipment USB-2

Bitumen emulsion production equipment USB-2

GlobeCore offers advanced equipment for bitumen emulsion production equipment – USB-2. This machine ensures high product quality and cost-effective production. USB-2 from GlobeCore is specially designed to create stable and durable emulsions used in road construction and repair. The main advantages of the equipment include precise dosing of components, automatic process control and ease of operation. Thanks to its innovative technology, USB-2 guarantees a reduction in material and energy costs, making it an ideal choice for construction companies. In addition, the equipment has a compact design that makes it easy to integrate into any production line. By choosing GlobeCore, you get a reliable solution for efficient and high-quality bitumen emulsion production.

Specification Value
Maximum production capacity (preparation time included), m3/hour 2-3 *
Minimum bitumen consumption, m3/hour 1.8
Water consumption, m3/hour 0.6–2.0 *
Flux consumption, dm3/hour 0–72 *
Acid consumption, dm3/hour 5–20 *
Emulsifier consumption, dm3/hour 5–20 *
Adhesion additive consumption, dm3/h 1–20 *
Max bitumen input pressure, MPa 0.2
Bitumen to mixer pressure, MPa 1.4–1.6
Water phase to mixer pressure, MPa 0.2
Bitumen input temperature, °С 140–160
Water input temperature, °С 40–60 *
Max emulsion output head, m 15
Max nominal power, kW 18
Power voltage at 50 Hz, V 380
Compressed air supply, bar 4–6
Air consumption, dm3/min 250
Dimensions (L/W/H), mm 2080/2340/1934
Max weight, kg 1200



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