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Fire-resistant coatings production equipment

Fire-resistant coatings production equipment

GlobCore presents the latest equipment for the fire-resistant coatings production equipment – the USB unit. This innovative unit significantly simplifies the process of applying flame retardant coatings to various surfaces. Thanks to its high precision and productivity, the USB unit ensures uniform distribution of the protective layer, which increases the durability and safety of the treated materials.

Our equipment is designed to meet all modern requirements and standards. The USB unit is easy to operate and maintain, as well as highly reliable. GlobCore specialists are always ready to provide professional advice and support for the implementation of our solution at your enterprise. With USB installation you get an efficient and cost-effective solution for fire protection. GlobCore products are your reliable partner in the field of fire resistant coatings.

USB-2 – Fire-resistant coatings production equipment

Maximum production capacity (preparation time included), m3/hour 2-3 *
Minimum bitumen consumption, m3/hour 1.8
Water consumption, m3/hour 0.6–2.0 *
Flux consumption, dm3/hour 0–72 *
Acid consumption, dm3/hour 5–20 *
Emulsifier consumption, dm3/hour 5–20 *
Adhesion additive consumption, dm3/h 1–20 *
Max bitumen input pressure, MPa 0.2
Bitumen to mixer pressure, MPa 1.4–1.6
Water phase to mixer pressure, MPa 0.2
Bitumen input temperature, °С 140–160
Water input temperature, °С 40–60 *
Max emulsion output head, m 15
Max nominal power, kW 18
Power voltage at 50 Hz, V 380
Compressed air supply, bar 4–6
Air consumption, dm3/min 250
Dimensions (L/W/H), mm 2080/2340/1934
Max weight, kg 1200


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