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GlobeCore upgrades the USB-3 unit (20 cubic meter per hour)

UVB-2 unit

The constant growth of traffic intensity makes road construction businesses look for ways to increase reliability of the road top.

The potential capabilities of road bitumen used in construction and repairs of roads are not sufficient. This is the reason, why modified bitumen, designed for higher reliability and longevity of automobile roads, came into use.

The production of such material has its specifics. GlobeCore has developed the USB-3 type units designed for production of PMB. Depending on the specific tasks of the customer, GlobeCore constantly improves the existing designs. One of the latest developments by our engineering department is the upgraded 20 m3/hour UVB-2 unit.

USB-3 principle of operation

The unit can operate in manual or automatic mode. The unit is controlled from a touch panel. The panel also shows current bitumen temperature and pressure.

First, bitumen is heated to 180ºС and is then pumped to the unit from the bitumen tank by an external pump. The bitumen stream is then divided into three. The first stream is supplied in portions into a liquid and dry material mixer, the second is pumped to second stage charge pump, the third stream returns to the bitumen tank.

The operator loads the polymer from bags into conveyor hopper. The horizontal conveyor transports the polymer into the mixer of liquid and dry materials. A screw conveyor doses the polymer. Supply can be adjusted by changing electric motor rotation speed.

The liquid and dry material mixer ejects the mixture of bitumen and polymer. The mixture is then sucked by the charge pump and supplied to the nozzle of the first stage hydrodynamic mixer. If necessary, plasticizer can be supplied into the injection chamber of the mixer. Then the mix is supplied to the first stage colloid mill, which roughly pulverizes polymer granules. The degree of milling is adjusted by changing the gap between the rotor and the stator. In the next stage, the mix is supplied to the injection chamber of the second stage hydrodynamic mixer.

The second stage consists of the same components. A high pressure pump takes bitumen from the bitumen tank supply line and pumps it under pressure into the mixer of the second stage through a nozzle. The device mixes concentrated bitumen with polymer from the first stage with straight bitumen from the second stage. The mixture is finalized in the second stage colloid mill. The product is then pumped to a collection tank for maturing.

When operation is complete, the unit can be automatically flushed with clean bitumen to prevent material solidification inside the unit’s components.

Upgraded unit specifications



1. Capacity, t/hour, min

16 (max 20)

2. Polymer used per 1 m³ of bitumen, kg


3. Plasticizer used per 1 m³


4. Adhesion additive used per 1 m³ of bitumen, l (max)


5. Mode of operation


6.Nominal power, kW

– mill


– first stage bitumen pumps


– second stage bitumen pump


– polymer screw conveyor


– plasticizer supply pump


– adhesion additive supply pump


– screw elevator drive


– screw conveyor drive


– heating oil circulation pump


– total


7. Electric power supply

– voltage, V


– frequency, Hz


8. Dimensions (excluding parts removable for transportation), mm max

– length


– height


– width


8. Weight, kg, max


Scope of supply

By default, the unit is containerized. The unit also includes a screw conveyor for polymer load and supply, a polymer gauging assembly and a horizontal transporter. The standard supply also includes a platform used for polymer loading into the hopper.

New capabilities

Unlike the original model, the upgraded unit is equipped with input bitumen temperature and pressure control device. It is designed for visualization and control of the parameters both before and during operation.

The unit’s inlet is also equipped with a bitumen portioning pump. It capacity can be changed by a frequency variator depending on the polymer mixer throughput capacity. The upgraded model is equipped with a dry/liquid material mixer.

Thanks to the pump installed in the unit for heating agent circulation, the time to prepare the unit for operation is drastically reduced.

The unit is designed so that all control devices are available from outside the container. This improves operating personnel safety.

The container features openable panels on all sides, making access for service and repair easy. Besides, this creates additional air circulation, preventing overheating of motors and other electrical components.

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