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New Bitumen Complex Operation in Ghana

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In late August in Accra (Ghana), GlobeCore team has completed commissioning of a UVB-10PK complex and provided training to service personnel.  

A UVB-10PK bitumen complex is a comprehensive solution to road construction facilities. it is capable of the following important functions:

  • bitumen input;
  • preparation of bitumen for further use;
  • production of all bitumen emulsion types;
  • storage and output of bitumen emulsions.

The complex can be installed on a prepared site in two weeks, including commissioning. The UVB-10PK is controlled by one operator; however, hot bitumen and heat carrier use warrant  two operators for the sake of safety.

The main advantages of the UVB-10PK complex:

  • several functions performed simultaneously, such as bitumen input and output of finished bitumen emulsions;
  • automation of all modes of operation. The operator only has to select the corresponding mode and start/stop the equipment.


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