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Webinar “New applications of bitumen emulsions”

The durability of roads depends on the quality of the materials used for road construction.

GlobeCore is organizing a free webinar for all engineers and technicians to discuss the new methods of production and use of bitumen emulsion for maintenance and construction of roads.

This event is totally free, and we hope it will expand your knowledge and help you keep up with the new technologies and approaches to road construction. Don’t forget to register to participate, as the number of participants is limited.

Webinar Dates

Date: October 27, Wednesday

  •   English – 02:00 PM GMT +8 (Hong-Kong, local time);
  •   Russian – 11:00 AM GMT +3 (Moscow, local time);
  •   Turkish – The webinar has been rescheduled for November 18, 2021 for technical reasons;
  •   Polish – 03:00 PM GMT +3 (Warsaw, local time);
  •   Spanish – 09:00 AM GMT -6 (Costa Rica, local time);

Date: October 28, Thursday

  •   Georgian – 11:00 AM GMT +4 (Tbilisi, local time);
  •   Portuguese – 10:00 AM GMT +1 (Lisbon, local time);
  •   French – 01:00 PM GMT +2 (Paris, local time);
  •   English (North America) – 11:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada) GMT- 4 (New York, local time).

Platform: Zoom (one-click registration)

Duration: 60 minutes

Registration Link: