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Colloid Mill for Starch Dispersion

Colloid Mill. The first mention of starch being partially soluble in water dates to the late 19th century. To achieve this, the substance had to be finely ground.

Pulverization of starch was described in the research of several scientists, such as Lampitt, Gess and others.

Preliminary dispersion of gelatinized phosphate starch in cold water allows to use it in ice-cream and instant-dessert powder products.

GlobeCore offers the CLM colloid mill to food producers. This device is specifically designed for pulverization of starch and making stable mixes with it. One of the main advantages of this device is the simultaneous homogenization of the processed media. The product is a high quality mix with does not separate even in long term storage.

The principle of colloid mill operation is based on the effects of several physical processes and phenomena. First, it is the difference of gap width at the inlet and outlet of the device for wet grinding. Second, it is the complex micro-relief of the rotor surface for increased turbulence, which tears the starch particles. Third, it is the centrifugal force, as well as the high speed of the rotor relative to the stator. Fourth, it is the grinding and cavitation effects. The combined effect of these factors make the processed material uniform, even and finely dispersed.

A heating/cooling jacket allows to perform homogenization with application or dissipation of heat.

Depending on the properties of the material, the grade of milling and pumping can be adjusted.


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