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The CMM-0.6 portable oil degassing unit can be used for oil filtration, oil pumping, oil heating, and degassing of dielectric insulating oil, as well as removing mechanical impurities and moisture.  The processing capacity of the unit is 0.6 m3/hour.

The unit consists of the vacuum column, ceramic oil heater, fluid pump, vacuum pump, and oil filtering system with replaceable cartridges.

Sensors have been installed in the unit so that the operator can control the pressure drop at the filters and control the amount of working vacuum.  The heating temperature can also be controlled through the use of a special regulator.

When processing/treating a transformer with high moisture content in the oil, there is always a possibility of foam formation, therefore, in order to avoid this problem a special type of protection is provided for in the unit.  If, for some reason, oil begins to leak or spill from the unit, the oil spill will be immediately detected by the “Oil Spill Sensor” and the unit will be shut down at the same alerting the operator with an alarm.

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