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Cutting oil filtration

cutting oil filtration

Cutting oil filtration is an important process for all companies that use metalworking machines.  Cutting oils are widely used in industrial metal-cutting and molding machines. The processes in these machines cause friction, which in turn leads to heating and deterioration of tools.

Cutting oil purpose

Cutting oils lubricate the surface and remove excess heat, ensuring efficient and reliable production. However, while in operation, they become contaminated with fine metal shavings and products from the abrasive wear of grinding wheels. Dust and shavings are taken up and accumulated by the liquid during operation. As a result, these residuals later cause damage to the assemblies wherein they are used; in particular, pumps, valves, and nozzles are affected. Moreover, the cutting oil which has lost its quality due to contamination adversely affects the machining of parts.

The methods of cutting oil filtration

There are several basic techniques for cutting oil filtration. These include settling, centrifugation, and filtration. Settling takes a lot of time and leads to losses of cutting oils some of which can be removed along with contaminants. While centrifugation cannot separate the solids smaller than 30 microns. Therefore, cutting oil filtration is the optimal solution.

GlobeСore technology for cutting oil purification involves the use of two-stage filtration with customizable filtration fineness at each level to be selected from a series of 25, 5, 3, 1, or 0.3 microns. The filters are additionally equipped with magnets to capture metal particles. This technology is implemented in CMM-F cutting oil filtration systems.

GlobeCore cutting oil filtration system

CMM-F systems are compact and placed on a wheeled cart which allows you to conveniently move them in the limited space of production workshops, as well as to use them for tank-to-tank cutting oil filtration. Operating the system requires no special skills. To start filtering, first, connect the system by means of pipelines to the tanks for dirty and clean cutting oil through camlock quick-release connections, open the valves, and press the button on the control station. The сlogging rate of filter elements is monitored by an instrument-based method, and it takes just a few minutes to change the filter.

The use of CMM-F cutting oil filtration systems allows:

  • extending the service life of cutting oils;
  • avoiding the failures and downtimes of machines;
  • ensuring the required quality of metal blanks;
  • reducing the deterioration of workplace tools and machines.


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