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Vacuum drying oven for power transformers

Within the domain of electrical power distribution, the existence of moisture can be a significant concern for the stability and dependability of transformers. They play a crucial role in the distribution of electrical energy, and the presence of moisture can give rise to substantial issues that can detrimentally impact both the windings and the transformers as a whole.

Vacuum drying ovens for transformer windings

In repair workshops and service centers, vacuum drying ovens have become an indispensable component of the process of drying transformer windings. These ovens combine heating and vacuum to get rid of excess moisture and keep equipment running for a long time.
Vacuum drying oven for power transformers

Working principle

The operation of the vacuum drying oven for power transformer is simple but effective. At the heart of this process is the strategic alteration of the environment to effectively eliminate moisture.

As the vacuuming process unfolds, it elevates the saturated vapor pressure of water within the coil insulation material. Under the influence of increased pressure, moisture efficiently shifts from a liquid to vapor state, all at lower temperatures.

However, the main aspect of this process is the continuous application of heat, the temperature is systematically increased.  With each incremental rise in temperature, moisture within the insulation material undergoes a transition, converting into vapor.  By harnessing the power of pressure, the vacuum drying oven ensures that winding materials are exposed to lower temperatures, reducing the associated risks linked to higher heat.

Advantages of GlobeCore vacuum drying oven for power transformer

Vacuum drying oven for power transformersThe drying of transformers is a critical element in ensuring their dependability and extended operational life. GlobeCore provides a vacuum drying oven designed for power transformers, which can be tailored with customizable modifications to meet the precise needs of customers. This equipment takes into consideration various factors, including productivity, dimensions, installation site, loading methods, levels of automation, and more, thus delivering a bespoke solution tailored to each distinct application.

GlobeCore‘s vacuum drying oven for power transformer offer numerous advantages in this process:

  • Active moisture evaporation: vacuum ovens effectively remove moisture by increasing the pressure of water vapor, facilitating rapid moisture evaporation from insulating materials.
  • Optimal performance: vacuum ovens significantly reduce drying time while maintaining optimal process efficiency. This allows for quicker return of transformers to service after repair or maintenance.
  • Customization: GlobeCore’s vacuum ovens created to meet the specific needs of customers. It’s productivity, dimensions, loading methods, degree of automation, and other parameters can be adapted to individual requirements.

Integrated use of vacuum oven and low-frequency heater 

The combination of low-frequency heating with vacuum drying oven for power transformer prove to be highly effective for drying and maintaining optimal insulation conditions in windings.

Vacuum drying oven for power transformersThe principle of low-frequency drying through transformer windings involves passing low-frequency current through the windings, generating heat and subsequently evaporating moisture. The synergy of these two effective methods yields the best results:

  1. Maximum efficiency: combining low-frequency heating and vacuum drying ensures a more uniform and thorough moisture removal process compared to using each method separately.
  2. Insulation safety: the vacuum process allows water vapor to evaporate at lower temperatures, reducing the risk of overheating windings and insulation damage.
  3. Reduction in drying time: the combined drying method can reduce drying time by up to 50% compared to using individual methods.
  4. Improved drying quality: vacuum facilitates moisture removal, while low-frequency heating promotes moisture movement, resulting in deep and high-quality moisture removal, thereby enhancing the dielectric characteristics of the materials.

The integrated strategy, uniting a vacuum oven with a low-frequency heater, represents the optimal method to guarantee the sustained and dependable performance of transformers in a dry condition. It is suitable for both older transformers requiring maintenance and newly manufactured transformers susceptible to moisture during production.

The approach, which combines a vacuum oven with a low-frequency heater are safeguarding the enduring and unwavering operation of transformers in an immaculate, moisture-free state. It is ideally suited for the maintenance of aging transformers and ensures the absolute absence of moisture for newly produced transformers.


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