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Canada: The CMM-4/7 successfully services wind turbine transformers

GlobeCore is now a member of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), aiming to solve urgent problems in the industry.

The main objective is to increase reliability of wind turbine transformers and extend their service life. Wind turbine transformers are step-up transformers converting voltage for the power grid. They are positioned within the tower or near the tower base.

Recently a GlobeCore  CMM-4/7 oil purification unit was commissioned in Canada, servicing a wind turbine transformer. This type of equipment is designed for removing dissolved gases, free and dissolved water and solid particles from insulating oils, and also for heating and pumping oil to and from oil filled transformers and other electrical equipment. The secret to the high performance of the CMM oil purification units are the activators that facilitate instantaneous evaporation of gases and water from oil.

Along with high reliability, the unit has a compact design and high mobility. It allows quick servicing of wind turbine transformers even in remote locations.

The CMM oil purification is available with a wide range of features:

  • additional vacuum system for evacuation of transformers;
  • additional two-stage refrigeration system to increase efficiency of the vacuum system;
  • moisture sensors at the  inlet and outlet pumps;
  • remote control and monitoring of the unit;
  • heat insulated container;
  • metal container;
  • operator room;
  • explosion-proof design;
  • wheels;
  • installation on trailer or semi-trailer.

 GlobeCore equipment for maintenance of wind turbine transformers:– Improves reliability of alternative energy production

  • Extends service life of transformers
  • Saves money on purchases of insulating oil.


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