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GlobeCore at AWEA WindPower 2019 Conference & Exhibition

One of the main events in the wind power industry, AWEA WindPower 2019 Conference & Exhibition, was held in Houston on May 20-23 this year.

This is an annual event, with visitors from the leading world companies involved in the industry of converting the energy of the wind into electric power.

Just as last year, GlobeCore has an individual booth demonstrating the CMM-GL and CMM-0.6 units.

The CMM-GL machine is designed for servicing of wind turbine gearboxes by removing old oil, flushing the gearbox with clean oil and adding new oil into the gearboxes. The equipment can be used to perform the above tasks in main and azimuthal gearboxes, as well as blade angle gearboxes. The CMM-0.6 is a good solution for filtration, drying and degassing of oil from wind turbine gearboxes.

The participation in AWEA WindPower 2019 Conference & Exhibition allows GlobeCore to learn important things about the challenges of the modern wind power industry, determine the direction of research and new equipment development.


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