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Bitumen storage tank

Bitumen storage tank

The main component of water-bitumen emulsion is obviously bitumen. Consistent production of emulsion is only possible with constant availability of the material. Therefore, the companies which use bitumen in their production process on a daily bases, should ensure correct storage conditions. Many companies prefer to maintain own bitumen storage facilities, allowing regular construction and repair works without the need to stop for bitumen supply and avoiding market price variations.

Storage of bitumen and bitumen emulsions, as well as storage, is a complex process. The most important part is heating of the material in specially equipped tanks. Bitumen should not settle or break down into water and binding, which may occur during storage of bitumen emulsion. Heaters are most often integrated into the walls of the storage tank and allow the material to stay at the required temperature. Heating may be performed by steam, oil or by low temperature electric heaters.

Bitumen storage tank facility can be of two types: vertical and horizontal. However, vertical storage tanks are more popular today. They are economical, simple to operate and maintain.

Modern bitumen and bitumen emulsion storage vessels are advanced and reliable enough to store the material with strict adherence to storage standards. Additional systems, automation sensors etc make operation of bitumen storage tanks simpler and more controllable.

Depending on the specifics of operation, bitumen storage tanks may be equipped with electric heaters, temperature control and level sensors and special maintenance devices.


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