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Bitumen emulsion equipment Commissioning In Azerbaijan

Bitumen emulsion equipment  Commissioning In February 2015, in Baku (Azerbaijan), GlobeCore representatives commissioned the USB-1 unit with a capacity of 2 m3/h.  

Bitumen emulsion equipment is designed to produce cationic and anionic bitumen emulsions that fully meet the worldwide quality standards.

Nowadays, much preference is given to bitumen emulsions rather than hot bitumen when performing road construction and repairing works. It is due to the fact that bitumen emulsions provide better quality of road pavement, increase the production effectiveness and improve the performance of technological operations.

The following is the list of advantages of bitumen emulsion:

  • bitumen production methods change qualitative characteristics of emulsion depending on the works performed;
  • spreads well on the surface and fills all the pores due to its good fluidity;
  • improves adhesion between the layers of the pavement and better covers the stone. It is therefore, less emulsion is required than bitumen for construction works;
  • may be applied even at +10 ºС due to its low viscosity;
  • it is safe to apply emulsions at +30 ºС  to + 70 ºС since they are water-based. They have no flash point, don’t explode and do not have a bad impact on the staff;
  • trouble-free storage, transportation and application;
  • energy and materials saving;
  • may be applied at remote locations;
  • no harmful vapors compared with diluted bitumen.


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