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Economizing Diesel Fuel


World reserves of oil decrease over time, which makes the issue of used oil economy quite a pressing challenge.  When considering the process of diesel fuel consumption, we should note that the problem of its saving must be addressed at three levels: at state level, at major consumers’ level and ordinary consumers’ level.

Government builds up a legal framework of mechanisms for handling diesel fuels.  It is the Government that defines all special aspects of quality control, storage, transportation and consumption of petroleum products by means of appropriate regulations.

A private road-user can also make a contribution to the common cause, adhering to the basic recommendations on driving style, tire choice, determining the climate mode in his car, etc.

But the greatest savings potential, in our view, lies in the hands of large consumers of diesel fuel, which should include transportation fleets of companies, gas stations, companies possessing significant transport resources, rural cooperatives (tractors, combines, etc.), marine and river ports, logistics networks, construction organizations with the specialized equipment resources, microdistrict boiler stations and mineral resources extraction sites.

Lowering of diesel consumption by these objects can be achieved by:

– Restoration of diesel fuel operational properties that have been lost due to long-term storage;

– Adding other components to diesel fuel.

GlobeCore offers high-performance solutions both for the first and for the second task.

When stored for a long period of time, diesel fuel can age, water out and lose its color, that is become dark.  Using such a product for automobile equipment is a serious challenge. GlobeCore has developed USB-type machines.  Using them allows removal of hydrogen sulfide compounds from diesel fuel, reduce the concentration of sulfur, lower wax content, remove unsaturated hydrocarbons.  After purification with GlobeCore equipment, diesel fuel does not oxidize nor darken again. Its quality is sufficient for refueling of vehicles and specialized machinery.

Biodiesel may be considered as one of the possible additives to diesel fuel.  The increase of its amount in fuel mixture increases density, viscosity, and fuel flash point in a closed crucible.  At the same time it improves engine efficiency and reduces opacity. But it also increases the level of nitric oxide release.  The use of biodiesel as an additive can reduce the consumption of diesel fuel. To obtain such mixtures, GlobeCore has specially designed USB plants.  Conventional blending techniques, that are known today, with other components being added to diesel fuel, are unable to provide the necessary resistance to separation. The USB plants use the injection method and the principle of hydrodynamic shock, which allows to avoid stratification of the resulting product for at least 180 days.

Another advantage of the proposed GlobeCore technology is a possibility of precise dosing of each component, a significant reduction in the duration of mixing cycle and setting aside the necessity of application of mixing vessels for homogenization of the final product.