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Purification of Vegetable Oil Based Dielectric Fluids

FR3 is a fireproof dielectric liquid based on ester. This product was specifically developed for use in transformer with high environmental and fire safety requirements. The base of the FR3 production are vegetable oils with natural additives.

The fluid is fireproof, since it contains no petrochemicals, silicone organic compounds or any other potentially hazardous substances. The producer notes complete biodegradability of the fluid in soil and water. Flashpoint is 360ºС: the best among fireproof dielectric liquids.

Another benefit of the FR3 is its compatibility with transformer oils used in modern transformers due to similar characteristics. For instance, viscosity of FR3 is similar to that of regular transformer oil.

Possible applications

The FR3 dielectric fluid can be used in outdoor or indoor transformers. It is well suited for use in grids and basements where explosion and fire safety are especially important.

This dielectric fluid is currently used mostly in small and medium size substations, installed on high voltage power lines or mounting pads.

It has been known to employed in transformers located in industrial facilities and government buildings. Its high safety for health and environment make it a good choice for transformers in food production and pharmaceutical facilities.

Purification and regeneration

FR3 producers state that its life time exceeds that of regular mineral transformer oil. However, that does not mean this liquid is immune to oxidation and aging. The quality of the fluid and transformer reliability gradually decrease.

The problem is solved by purifying and regenerating the liquid. There are well developed methods of purification and regeneration for mineral oils. In this context, the vegetable oil based liquids are apparently somewhat special.

GlobeCore has successfully tested the Clean Marine units in July 2015, processing FR3 dielectric fluid. It was used in a transformer installed on an off-shore drilling rig 250 kilometers off the Nigerian coast. The conditions of shelf drilling require compliance with strict fire and explosion safety standards, making FR3 a good choice for marine transformers.

The trial itself was quite successful and its results confirmed that GlobeCore equipment handles vegetable oil based dielectric fluid purification very well, fully restoring the quality of the fluid. Such processing increases dielectric fluid service life and transformer reliability, with high fire and explosion protection safety standards.


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