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CMM-4/7 is commissioned in Helsinki

May 31 this year, GlobeCore engineers successfully completed the commissioning in Helsinki (Finland).

CMM-4/7 unit is there to stay and work This equipment is designed for cleaning insulating oils with a viscosity below 70 cSt at  50 ° C from mechanical impurities, water and gases. The unit can be used during operation, installation and repair of different oil-filled high-voltage equipment. First it was used on a 400 MVA transformer.

The main advantage of this unit is its multi-functional abilities. Depending on the type of task, it can operate in the mode of “Heating and filtration”, “Degassing”, as well as “Manual” mode.

In “Degassing” mode, the unit automatically warms up, and then it heats oil to the set temperature, filtrates, degasses in vacuum and puts oil through fine filtration at the output. In “Heating and filtration” mode, the oil is heated and filtered without degassing oil in a vacuum column. “Manual” mode is necessary for diagnosing the serviceability of the unit’s components – i.e. pumps, valves, etc.

The production rate  in  “Degassing” mode is 4 m3 / h, and in  “Heating and filtration” mode it is 7 m3 / h.

Processed oil parameters:

  • Volumetric gas content – below 0.1%;
  • Moisture content by weight – below 10 g / t;
  • ISO 4406 industrial purity class   – / 14/12;
  • Mechanical impurities content – below 8 g / t;
  • Filtration fineness is 5 μm.

TSS (Transformer Security System). is provided to monitor the oil level in a transformer.   It protects a transformer from oil leaks or breaking of hoses.


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