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Transformer oil drying and degassing

A transformer is a complex system the reliable operation of which depends on many components. Among these components, a special role is assigned to transformer oil that performs a heat-removing and insulating function. In this article, we will discuss how and why the condition of oil deteriorates, what effect water and oxygen have on oil,Read More

Launching of the GlobeCore equipment in Jordan

The GlobeCore engineering experts were out in Amman (Jordan) from February 1st to 5th. The CMM-1 unit was placed  into operation here. This equipment is used by the  companies that service transformers. The main purpose of the CMM-1 unit is the complex purification of transformer oils from mechanical impurities, water and gases with a capacityRead More

GlobeCore Participates in a Technology Seminar in Mexico

The seminar, titled Electrical Testing of Transformers and Insulation Fluid Diagnostic Methods, was held in Mexicali, Mexico, on 31 October – 1 November 2019. The event was attended by about 70 representatives of the Mexican electrical power industry. The program of the seminar included the discussion of regular tests for distribution and power transformer, dissolvedRead More

A Technology Seminar in Mexico

Dear partners! We invite you to attend a technology seminar titled “Transformer electrical testing and insulation fluid diagnostics” with the participation of GlobeCore experts. When? 31 October – 1 November 2019. The event begins at 8:00 Where? Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico How to apply for participation? Send an email to [email protected] Discussion topics vacuum processesRead More

sistema de vacío del transformador

BV Transformer Evacuation System

Transformer is a complex unit, and the processes of its manufacturing, servicing and repairs involve many operations and require a number of different machines. This article is about one of the most important machines, namely, a transformer evacuation system. What is evacuation? In general, evacuation is the process of pumping out gases or vapor fromRead More

Another GlobeCore Seminar Held in Dubai

The latest seminar on electrical insulation oil treatment and transformer maintenance seminar initiated by GlobeCore was held on 17 June in Dubai (UAE). The seminar gathered approximately 60 representatives of various transformer commissioning and maintenance companies from the Gulf countries. GlobeCore service engineer Frank May presented to the participants the newest technologies and equipment designedRead More

Turbine Oil Purification Equipment

Turbine oil lubricate and cool bearings of steam, gas and hydro turbines, as well as turbocompressors. Turbine oils are subject to some detrimental factors, such as high temperature, hence the strict oil quality requirements: good oxidation stability; absence of sludge formation after long use; no emulsification with water; protection of steel surfaces from corrosion. TheRead More

GlobeCore Invites Visitors to a Seminar in Mexico

GlobeCore invites all electric power industry professionals to visit our seminar in Mexicali (Mexico) on 28 June 2019. The seminar will be held at the following address: Hotel Calafia, 1495 Justo Sierra, Fracc. Los Pinos, Mexicali, Mexico. The seminar will be focused on the current issues of transformer reliability improvement and extension of transformer serviceRead More

GlobeCore Invites Visitors to a Seminar in Dubai

We have the pleasure to invite you to the GlobeCore seminar taking place in Dubai, UAE. As an international company that provides innovative solutions for oil processing and transformer maintenance, we have a wealth of knowledge to share. Date: June 17, 2019 Location: Holiday Inn Hotel, Dubai Festival city Language: English Timing: 8:30 – 14:30Read More

Commissioning of GlobeCore Equipment in Bangladesh

GlobeCore equipment was commissioned in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in the first quarter of this year. One of the local electric power companies purchased a CMM-4 and a CMM-6 units to service their power transformers. This type of equipment is well suited for such tasks as: 1) removal of particulate matter, water and gas from transformer oil;Read More

Clarification of Diesel Fuel with the CMM-6RL system

Comparing gasoline and diesel fuel shows that some things that are good in one, are not desirable in the other. For instance, auto-ignition is one the most important parameters of diesel fuel, but is very undesirable in gasoline. This property is quantified by the cetane number. This parameter is defined to a degree by theRead More

Oil Purification Equipment

Oil Purification Equipment

Industrial oil purification is a process that can recover used oil to newlike condition. If you are going to restore the oil, you need to know some important facts about oil purification equipment. Oil Purification Equipment Differences There are different types of oil purification equipment. Their differences are basically determined by the types of processedRead More

An Invitation from GlobeCore to Attend Our Seminar in Argentina

GlobeCore invites all electric power industry professionals to visit our “Transformer Life Extension” seminar in Buenos-Aires on 4 April 2019. The event will be held at Dazzler San Martín Hotel (Calle San Martín 920, casi esq. Paraguay), starting at 8-30. The discussion will be focused on increasing transformer reliability and extension of transformer service life,Read More

GlobeCore at Sharjah Energy Meet 2019

The fifth Sharjah Energy Meet was held in the United Arab Emirates on 29 january 2019. This event traditionally gathered over 100 participants, including the leadership of the most prominent power companies and industry experts. The participants of the meeting shared their vision of the future wind power development and discussed possible implementation of variousRead More

GlobeCore Holds Presentations In Saudi Arabia

On 16-27 December 2018, GlobeCore specialists visited Saudi Arabia. The visit was dedicated to the issues of the Saudi electricity industry and efficiently addressing such problems. Specifically, GlobeCore equipment presentations were held in the cities of Jeddah, Medina, Jizan, Abha etc. The structure of the presentations varied depending on the specialization of the company hostingRead More

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The Influence of Transformer Construction Materials on Transformer Oil Aging

Rapid degradation of transformer oil quality may occur not only due to insufficient chemical stability, but also due to the influence of construction and insulation materials used in a transformer. The most active catalyst of transformer oil oxidation is copper. The opinions of researchers regarding the influence of iron, aluminum, nickel and zinc are divided.Read More


Power transformer maintenance

Depending on the voltage class, the preventive maintenance of a power transformer may be performed from once a year to once every four years. This process is most often performed by a three man team, with the transformer taken offline. The maintenance includes a clear sequence of certain operations. First, general transformer condition is checked.Read More

Transformer Oil Refining Machine

Requirements for Transformer Oil

Transformer oil is a special type of fluid which is used to fill power transformers.  This product is obtained from petroleum distillates by application of selective, phenolic-alkaline and acid cleaning processes, as well as hydrocracking. Quality and characteristics of transformer oil has a huge impact on the service life of a transformer.  Let us formulateRead More


Liberia: Commissioning a New CMM-4

In the middle of August 2018, yet another product was commissioned: a CMM-4 unit, which was tested at one of the local hydropower plants. The main purpose of this equipment is purification of transformer oil. The unit removes solid particles, water and gas from the insulation fluid. Besides, the CMM-4 can heat electrical equipment withRead More

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Transformer oil filling

The term “transformer oil filling”, as it is used in this article, has two meanings. The first is the process that compensates for the loss of oil in the course of transformer operation. The second is filling a transformer with oil before commissioning or after an overhaul. Oil is an essential part of the transformer.Read More

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Transformer Oil Degassing

In this article, we will look at transformer oil degassing, how to find out when it is time to degass the oil, what the methods of transformer oxidation protection are and will look at equipment used to remove gases from electrical insulating fluids. How gases enter transformer oil Even under normal circumstances, transformer oil canRead More

GlobeCore Goes to Denver for International Exhibition

17 – 19 April, GlobeCore participated in the IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition, in Denver, CO,  in cooperation with GC Technologies (USA). This is a significant event in the electrical power industry, gathering the leading equipment manufacturers, managers, scientists, engineers and policy makers. The meeting helps to exchange experience and generate newRead More


Seven CMM-4/7 Units Commissioned In Malaysia

GlobeCore team visited Malaysia in 19 March – 8 April to commission seven CMM-4/7 units. This is not the first time the CMM model is commissioned in Malaysia. In fact, one of our products was commissioned in January. The high demand for the CMM-4/7 is due to their versatility. The unit can perform a rangeRead More

oil purification process

Oil Purification Process

Operation and long storage of lube, turbine and other industrial oil cause contamination of the oil, leading to poor performance. With time, this process causes increased equipment wear, and, in case of electrical insulation oil, failures in electricity transmission grids. It is practically impossible to prevent or stop this process. However, the oxidized oil canRead More


Commissioning and presentation of equipment in Malaysia

January 20 – 26, GlobeCore employees visited Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) on a business trip. The purpose of the trip was the CMM-4/7 plant commissioning and the presentation of GlobeCore equipment for the representatives of the electric power industry. The CMM-4/7 performs degassing, drying, cleaning from mechanical impurities and heating transformer oils, before filling them intoRead More

Transformer Oil Sampling

Transformer Oil Sampling

Transformer oil is not only a lubricant that protects the active part of high voltage equipment from overheating,  it is also an arc suppression medium  and protects transformer from penetrating moisture. Therefore, the life of transformer equipment directly depends on the quality of a dielectric used. To avoid undesirable consequences of a contaminated dielectric, itRead More

Waste Oil Refining

Waste Oil Refining

Waste Oil Refining in the Power Industry Waste Oil Refining with special oil purification equipment significantly reduces costs, time and effort. Using industrial oils for power and hydraulic equipment has several conditions that must be satisfied. The purity of the oil is one of the most important factors which define correct operation and reliability ofRead More

Liquid-Immersed Transformers

Liquid-Immersed Transformers Cooling classes

Cooling classes of liquid-immersed transformers are covered by IEEE C57.12.00 A short explanation of each class follows. Liquid-Immersed Transformers, Air-Cooled There are three classes in this category. 1. Class OA: Oil-immersed, self-cooled. Transformer windings and core are immersed in some type of oil and are self-cooled by natural circulation of air around the outside enclosure.Read More

Degassing Equipment

Degassing Equipment

Contaminated Transformer Oil Purification Methods Transformer oil becomes contaminated and oxidized during use or long term storage. Small particles of transformer construction materials, as well as solved water and gas reduce the dielectric strength of the oil. Continued use of such product in the electrical equipment, failures are unavoidable. Therefore, many facilities protect their transformerRead More

Oil recycling machine

Transformer Oil

Transformer oil is widely used as coolant, insulator and suppressor of the arc in electrical devices. The composition of transformer oil includes naphthenes, paraffins and aromatic hydrocarbons. The mass fraction of other components, as a rule, does not exceed 4-5% (for a fresh product). Transformer oil operating performance Performance of transformer oil is evaluated byRead More

Trabsformer Oil Treatment

Oil immersed transformer composition and design features

Power transformers are the most important components of an electrical grid. Transformers designs differ by the cooling and electrical insulation systems used. There are dry transformers and oil-immersed transformers. Most of transformers in service are oil-immersed. Their tank, containing the core, is filled with oil. The oil removes heat and ensures dielectric strength of insulation.Read More

Oil Cleaning System

Oil Treatment for hydraulic systems

Oil Treatment Hydraulic equipment, its maintenance or repair is not cheap. It is therefore recommended to develop and implement preventive maintenance program involving regular cleaning of hydraulic oil. Where do your money go? The largest operating costs of a hydraulic system are related to the following: oil change; parts replacement; equipment repair. Oil change involvesRead More

CMM-4/7 is commissioned in Helsinki

May 31 this year, GlobeCore engineers successfully completed the commissioning in Helsinki (Finland). CMM-4/7 unit is there to stay and work This equipment is designed for cleaning insulating oils with a viscosity below 70 cSt at  50 ° C from mechanical impurities, water and gases. The unit can be used during operation, installation and repairRead More

CMM-4/7 started up in Estonia

April 10, 2017 GlobeCore specialists started up a CMM-4/7 unit in Tallinn (Estonia). This equipment is used by business engaged in installation, repair and operation of power transformers for degassing and filtration of insulating oil. Also, the units can be used to heat oil-filled electrical appliances with hot oil, for vacuum dehydration and evacuation ofRead More

GlobeCore and US Power Industry

GlobeCore strives to participate in all possible projects to replace traditional energy sources with alternatives. Some of the services GlobeCore offers our clients is the sales of equipment to process electrical insulation oil and servicing power transformers, as well as rentals of this equipment. It was the latter option that was chosen by one ofRead More

GlobeCore equipment presentation in Oman

October 3, 2016 in Muscat, RAY International Group held a seminar to discuss the pressing issues of Oman’s oil and gas industry. It was attended by the representatives of Germany and Norway, the leaders of Oman oil and gas industry, as well as companies engaged in the transmission and distribution of electricity. The seminar wasRead More

Transformer serves 2ce as long! GlobeCore shows possibilities of reclamation of dielectric oils in Middle East Electricity 2016

March 1-4, Dubai hosts the annual 41 th Exhibition of energy companies  – Middle East Electricity 2016. With more than 1,500 international companies from 56 countries and more than 2,000 professionals, representing Middle Eastern branches taking part. One of the participants is a German company GlobeCore –  introducing an oil regeneration plant UVR. There, on theRead More

New service center in Houston is open

GlobeCore  announced the opening of a new service center in US. The address of the new location is 1750-H Dickinson Ave (FM 1266) Dickinson, TX, 77539. T: + 1-713-429-1616 and + 1-713-828-7877. Our other offices and service centers are available in the section “Contacts”. GlobeCore is one of the world leaders in industrial manufacturing. ProductsRead More


GlobeCore CMM-4D Unit Successfully Commissioned in Uganda

On December 3, 2015 GlobeCore employees successfully completed the commissioning of a new GlobeCore CMM-4D oil degassing unit in Uganda. The main advantage of the CMM-4D is its versatility.  With the CMM – 4D unit you can perform the following operations: purification of insulating oil by removing mechanical impurities (filtration fineness is 5 microns), waterRead More

GlobeCore continues oil recycling equipment sales to Saudi Arabia

Oil recycling equipment A CMM-10 used oil degassing plat combined with the BV-200 vacuum unit have been in commissioning in Saudi Arabia from 14 to 17 December 2015. Various CMM units have already been commissioned in Saudi Arabia before. The demand on these units is due to their versatility: by purchasing just one unit, theRead More

We Continued to Work With the Polish Manufacturers Transformers

Polish Manufacturers Transformers At the end of 2014, GlobeCore continued to work with the Polish manufacturers of transformers by commissioning the CMM-10A unit. This unit is designed for vacuumizing of transformers and removing mechanical impurities, water and gasses from electrical insulating oils. The GlobeCore CMM-10A unit may be applied at the facilities, involved in mounting,Read More

Buchholz Relay (Found Only on Transformers with Conservators)

The Buchholz relay (figures 33 and 34) has two oil-filled chambers with floats and relays arranged vertically—one over the other. If high eddy currents, local overheating, or partial discharges occur within the tank, bubbles of resultant gas rise to the top of the tank. These bubbles rise through the pipe between the tank and theRead More

Transformer Bushings: Testing and Maintenance of High-Voltage Bushings

Transformer Bushings When bushings are new, they should be Doble tested as an acceptance test. Refer to the M4000 Doble test set instructions, the Doble Bushing Field Test Guide [9], and the manufacturer’s data for guidance on acceptable results. CAUTION: Do not test a bushing while it is in its wood shipping crate, or whileRead More

Inspection of Oil Purification Equipment at Hydroelectric Power Plant

Equipment at Hydroelectric Power Plant What is purification oil End of April GlobeCore delegation had a working visit to a hydroelectric power plant (HEPP), one of many that have GlobeCore filtration, purification and oil recycling plants for turbine oils, operating there over the past several years. Turbine oil is designed for lubrication of bearings, transmissionsRead More

GC engineers have just developed and constructed a new degassing plant CMM-6D

Breaking news! Our engineers have just developed and constructed a new degassing plant, the CMM-6D, which has been successfully tested and put into production. DEGASSING UNIT CMM-6D Degassing unit CMM-6D has been designed to clean electrical and turbine oils by removing mechanical impurities as well as water and gases using a thermal vacuum purification process.Read More

GlobeCore launches the new installation for transformer oil degassing

New installation for transformer oil degassing This week a new automated model type CMM-6D was introduced. It was designed for degassing of transformer oils. Hardware developers talked about its benefits to the rest of the company and guests. Some of the features of CMM-6D are: a built-in oil tracker that allows tracking transformer oil usageRead More

A transformer degassing plant successfully commissioned in Pakistan

A transformer degassing plant successfully commissioned in Pakistan In February this year a CMM-10-10M oil degassing plant was successfully supplied and commissioned. The unit also removed solid particles from the oil and heats it.The order came from one of Pakistan’s electric energy companies. This country’s population ranks sixth in the world. A significant amount ofRead More

GlobeCore engineer visit Dominican Republic supplies a new mobile system

GlobeCore engineer visit Dominican Republi. GlobeCore supplies a new mobile system into the Central America, specifically to the Dominican Republic. In September 2013 GlobeCore delivers the new plant. It is a relatively inexpensive and versatile system for energy sector service companies such as INPROCA. The plant is not entirely typical. The unit allows not onlyRead More