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GlobeCore equipment presentation in Oman

October 3, 2016 in Muscat, RAY International Group held a seminar to discuss the pressing issues of Oman’s oil and gas industry.

It was attended by the representatives of Germany and Norway, the leaders of Oman oil and gas industry, as well as companies engaged in the transmission and distribution of electricity. The seminar was attended by 50 participants.

GlobeCore did not miss the opportunity to make a presentation of its equipment for maintenance of power transformers, which can be used not only in Oman power industry but also in other countries. It is the equipment for transformer oil regeneration and purification, transformer oil refilling and drying of solid insulation of power transformers etc. GlobeCore equipment can be used with power transformers on-line, which ensures continuity of power supply.

GlobeCore demonstrated one of its latest developments: a CMM-0.6 degassing unit. This equipment is unique because it can work with small-sized transformers, pumping, heating, degassing  and purifying transformer oil. removing impurities and moisture. Due to its small size, the unit can be easily moved by one person, and has no problem passing through a ship’s bridge and narrow doorways. This makes it useful for maintenance of wind turbine transformers.