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Oil Treatment for hydraulic systems

Oil Cleaning System

Oil Treatment

Hydraulic equipment, its maintenance or repair is not cheap. It is therefore recommended to develop and implement preventive maintenance program involving regular cleaning of hydraulic oil.

Where do your money go?

The largest operating costs of a hydraulic system are related to the following:

  • oil change;
  • parts replacement;
  • equipment repair.

Oil change involves purchasing fresh oil and disposing of used oil. Parts replacement usually means purchasing and replacing filters, while repairs involve purchase and replacement of spare parts. In addition, each stage requires shutdown of hydraulic equipment, which entails additional loss of money on downtime. Analyzing the listed expenses demonstrates that most of them can be significantly reduced by regular cleaning of oil.

Why is hydraulic oil treatment necessary?

All industrial oils operate in difficult conditions. Hydraulic oil is no exception, being constantly under the influence of a number of harmful factors:

  • non-emulsified and emulsified water;
  • solid particles;
  • high temperature;
  • air oxygen.

If it were possible to create ideal conditions, eliminating all the listed effects, then oil treatment would not be necessary. Of course, this is impossible in real life. With temperatures above 60 ° C, contamination with 2 micron particles and presence of catalysts, hydraulic oil loses its quality within one year. Water accelerates oil oxidation and causes corrosion of metal surfaces, further contributing to aging.

Based on the above, the importance of preserving oil performance is obvious. This can be achieved by:

  • minimizing the amount of particulate matter;
  • reducing free water content;
  • stabilizing chemical properties;
  • keeping temperature below 60 °C.

The first three are achieved by oil treatment.

Oil treatment

Oil treatment with GlobeCore plants

GlobeCore has developed CMM plants for high quality cleaning of oil. This equipment offers a comprehensive treatment process with various methods, by using 1, 5 and 25 μm filters, treatment with heating and vacuum, as well as removal of aging products and acid components with an adsorbent.

GlobeCore hydraulic oil treatment systems:

  • restore oil performance and extend its service life;
  • save money on new oil purchase and used oil disposal;
  •  improve reliability of equipment by eliminating harmful aged oil;
  • reduce unscheduled downtime.

These results are ensured by:

  • the most effective methods of oil treatment;
  • foam sensors and protection from oil leaks;
  • modern control instruments;
  • automation of the treatment process