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GlobeCore launches the new installation for transformer oil degassing

New installation for transformer oil degassing

This week a new automated model type CMM-6D was introduced. It was designed for degassing of transformer oils.

Hardware developers talked about its benefits to the rest of the company and guests. Some of the features of CMM-6D are:

  • a built-in oil tracker that allows tracking transformer oil usage and adjust the production rate the equipment;
  • automatic adjustment of heating controls given a certain desired output;
  • construction of the vacuum column allows you to raise the breakdown voltage of transformer oil from 20 kV to 70 kV;
  • indirect heating oil;
  • modern components.

Settings screen allows you to set all of the operating parameters setting including: performance, fuel oil, heating temperature, degree of vacuum, etc.This model can operate in four modes: “Vacuuming mode”, “Degassing mode”, “Heating and filtration mode” and “Self-vacuuming”.

To exclude the possibility of overheating transformer oil after the completion of the four modes mode of final application is turned on. Degassing is fully visible. Selecting the appropriate mode can be done through the touch panel. The model is fully automated in identifying and eliminating potential problems. In the case of failure of any node or information, an error message will be displayed on the touch screen.

Accident reports are stored for 30 days: during this time, you can see when, which node became inoperable, and what sensor was triggered.Automated model type CMM-6D brand GlobeCore meets modern requirements and standards in the field of processing of transformer oils.


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