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Seven CMM-4/7 Units Commissioned In Malaysia


GlobeCore team visited Malaysia in 19 March – 8 April to commission seven CMM-4/7 units.

This is not the first time the CMM model is commissioned in Malaysia. In fact, one of our products was commissioned in January. The high demand for the CMM-4/7 is due to their versatility. The unit can perform a range of functions essential for power transformer servicing and repairs:

  • purification of transformer oil by removing solid particles, moisture and gas;
  • heating of oil before filling the transformer;
  • heating of electrical equipment with hot transformer oil;
  • drying transformers under vacuum;
  • transformer evacuation.

The unit can process any insulation oil with purity class at least -/19/16 according to ISO 4406. The final purity after treatment is at least -/14/12.

Another important feature of the units in Malaysia is the capability for direct transformer connection. The unit can be operated safely due to the TSS (Transformer Safety System), which removes air from hoses and heats them before operation, and also isolates the transformer from the unit automatically before an emergency can develop.


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