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Oil Purification Equipment

Oil Purification Equipment

Industrial oil purification is a process that can recover used oil to newlike condition. If you are going to restore the oil, you need to know some important facts about oil purification equipment.

Oil Purification Equipment Differences

There are different types of oil purification equipment. Their differences are basically determined by the types of processed oil, voltage and processing capacity range. Different filter elements or accessories can also be used.

Filtration is a process in which particulate contaminants are filtered out of the oil to improve its quality and protect the machines where the oil is used, increasing reliability.

An important parameter of filtration is the size of the contaminants to be removed. The filtration can be coarse or fine. Coarse filtration focuses on direct protection of oil lubrication and hydraulic systems; this type of filtration, which can capture only relatively large particles of 25 microns or larger, is often used by equipment manufacturers.

The main task of coarse filtration is to extend the life of industrial oils while improving operation and protecting equipment

Types of Equipment and Oils

Oil Purification

Turbine Oil Purification Equipment

Turbines are an indispensable part of the modern electrical industry. They are actively used in the hydropower, wind power and nuclear energy. The operational efficiency of turbines is ensured by special oils for lubrication of bearings and gears, prevention and reduction of friction and wear.

GlobeCore has developed the CMM-4T system specifically for turbine oil purification. The functional principle involves the complex combined effects of high temperature and low vacuum. Filtration rating is less than 5 microns, and the mass moisture content of the oil is less than 10 g/t.

Transformer Oil Equipment

Insulating fluids are used in many types of high voltage equipment: capacitors, cables, switches, transformers, etc. The fluids typically perform two main functions: electrical insulation and cooling. Some additional functions are arc quenching in switchgear and the protection of internal solid insulation from ambient humidity.

Power transformers have become indispensable in modern energy transmission and distribution. Therefore, this device should be protected against possible failures by protecting its solid insulation and by cooling. This function is assigned to mineral oils.

The perfect option for transformer oil is transformer oil treatment equipment.

Hydraulic Oil Filters

Hydraulic oils are used in various industrial facilities (manipulators, machine tools, robotic machines, presses, etc.). The main task of the hydraulic fluid is power transmission for the operation of machines.

The cleaner the hydraulic fluid, the better it performs its function. The purity of hydraulic oil is achieved by hydraulic oil filters.

The use of various oil purification equipment types

Combined tуpes of equipment

It is possible to combine different techniques in one unit. Modern hi-tech equipment for industrial oil treatment is usually universal and can perform several tasks. GlobeCore is one of the most successful companies in development and manufacturing of advanced oil processing equipment. The company produces oil purification systems for different types of oil, which combine several processes in one unit. Moreover, most of the plants are multi-optional and feature modes not only for purification, but also for degassing, drying, evacuation etc.