GlobeCore / Oil Degassing / Launching of the GlobeCore equipment in Jordan

Launching of the GlobeCore equipment in Jordan

The GlobeCore engineering experts were out in Amman (Jordan) from February 1st to 5th.

The CMM-1 unit was placed  into operation here. This equipment is used by the  companies that service transformers. The main purpose of the CMM-1 unit is the complex purification of transformer oils from mechanical impurities, water and gases with a capacity up to 1000 liters per hour.

The unit is equipped with a two-stage vacuum system consisting of a forevacuum and booster pumps. There are several advantages for implementing such a system. First, the oil enters to the column under the influence of vacuum, which makes it possible to dispense with a separate injection pump. The second advantage is the creation of a vacuum in the column up to 2 mbar for the efficient drying and degassing of transformer oils. And the third advantage is the possibility of using a vacuum system to evacuate small transformers.

As part of the launch the training of the maintenance stuff  and oil purification in two de-energized transformers were conducted without draining oil from the tanks into the intermediate containers.

We offer you to get acquinted with a small photo report on the results of the launch in Amman.