GlobeCore / Oil Degassing / Commissioning and presentation of equipment in Malaysia

Commissioning and presentation of equipment in Malaysia


January 20 – 26, GlobeCore employees visited Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) on a business trip.

The purpose of the trip was the CMM-4/7 plant commissioning and the presentation of GlobeCore equipment for the representatives of the electric power industry. The CMM-4/7 performs degassing, drying, cleaning from mechanical impurities and heating transformer oils, before filling them into transformers. Also, this equipment can be used to heat oil-filled electrical equipment with hot transformer oil, vacuum drying and evacuation. If the initial gas and moisture content of the oil does not exceed 10.5% and 100 ppm, the treatment can obtain the following parameters:

  • breakdown voltage – below 60 kV;
  • content of mechanical impurities – below 8 g / t;
  • moisture content by weight below – 10 ppm;
  • volumetric gas content – below 0.1%;
  • ISO 4406 industrial purity class  – – / 14/12.

The units processing rates range from 0.5 to 4 m3 / h. The oil treatment unit was started-up on an on-line transformer, which was possible due to the TSS  transformer safety system.

The presentation of GlobeCore equipment was also held in Kuala Lumpur. It provided an opportunity for the representatives of Malaysia’s electricity supply industry to become more familiar with modern technologies for cleaning and regenerating industrial oils. Traditionally, the features of regeneration were demonstrated on the laboratory UVR unit.