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Diesel fuel purification system CMM-1,0CF

GlobeCore provides the CMM-1.0CF unit, an innovative diesel fuel purification. Diesel fuel’s quality and performance can be greatly enhanced by using this cutting-edge technology, which is made to efficiently remove impurities, water, and other contaminants.
Deep fuel purification is achieved with GlobeCore’s CMM-1.0CF by utilizing cutting-edge filtering and separation technologies. The device is a great option for usage in a range of institutions, including fleets and transportation businesses, thanks to its small size and portability.
The CMM-1.0CF offers several advantages, including as excellent performance, dependability, and longevity. Because it is constructed using high-quality materials, the unit will last a long time and require little maintenance. Diesel fuel can be purified quickly and effectively with ease of use, all without the need for sophisticated technical knowledge.

Diesel fuel purification system CMM-1,0CF Specification

No Parameter Value
1 Processing rate, m3/hour 1
2 Filtration fineness, μm*; stage 1 / stage 2 25 5
3 Rate of water removal 99%
4 Power consumption, kW 1,1
5 Max pressure difference, MPa 0.5
8 Oil output pressure, bar 2…2.5
9 Three phase 50Hz power supply voltage, V 380
10 Dimensions, mm max

– length

– width

– height




11 Weight, kg max 120

The СММ-1CF is the smallest capacity unit in the coagulation purification equipment range.

Equipment configurations that are not included in this configurator can be implemented via a separate request to [email protected].


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