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Gas condensate polishing system CMM-6RL

GlobeCore provides the CMM-6RL, a sophisticated gas condensate polishing system. Gas condensate’s quality and performance can be greatly enhanced by removing impurities, water, and gasses with the help of this high-performance equipment.
Modern filtration and degassing techniques are used by GlobeCore’s CMM-6RL system to deliver deep purification and stabilization of gas condensate. The device is perfect for usage in a range of settings and facilities because of its small size and portability.
The CMM-6RL’s key benefits are its excellent performance, dependability, and longevity. Premium materials are used in the construction of the unit to guarantee a long lifespan and low maintenance expenses. Simple operation makes gas condensate treatment rapid and effective without requiring sophisticated technical knowledge.

Gas condensate polishing system CMM-6RL Specification

No. Parameter Value
1 Capacity, m3/h 0.45*
2 Sorbent reactivation time, not more than 19 hours
3 Required power consumption, kW 14.5
4 Three-phase 50, 60 Hz AC power supply voltage, V 380
5 Dimensions, mm, not more than

– length

– width

– height





6 Weight, kg, not more than 2100

* – in order to obtain the best result of dark diesel fuel polishing, it is recommended to first remove mechanical impurities by means of CMM-4.0F unit and water — by means of CMM-1.0CF unit.


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