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GlobeCore at a seminar in Mexico


On March 26, 2021, a seminar was held on Analysis of Dielectric Oils in Hermosillo (Mexico).

The seminar was organized by Dymelec SA de CV. Fifty participants attended it, including the representatives from CFE, the largest power transmission company of Mexico, and GlobeCore represented by Jose Mora.

The following matters were discussed during the seminar:

  • types of insulating oil tests;
  • sampling the insulating oil from the transformer;
  • chromatographic dissolved gas analysis of oil;
  • interpretation of chromatographic analysis results using the Duval triangle method;
  • use of natural esters in transformers;
  • hazard of corrosive sulphur content in insulating oil, etc.

We remind that GlobeCore manufactures express testers detecting the moisture, the hydrogen content, the dielectric loss tangent, and the breakdown voltage of transformer oil. You can look through the description and specifications of these instruments in the appropriate subsection of the Products menu.