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Dissolved gas analysis test of transformer oil

Dissolved Gas Analysis Test (DGA) is a commonly employed method for evaluating the health of transformer oil. This approach detects and measures the amount of dissolved gases in the oil to assess the transformer’s overall condition. The existence of certain gases reflects the degree of wear and indicates possible problems within the transformer. This articleRead More


Power transformer monitoring

Power transformer monitoring is a crucial practice aimed at guaranteeing their dependable and effective functioning. Power transformers serve as essential elements within the electrical power network, tasked with conveying and dispersing electrical power from generation facilities to end-users. A malfunction or breakdown in a power transformer may lead to electricity disruptions, system inactivity, and considerableRead More


DIELECTRIC STRENGTH OF TRANSFORMER OIL CMM IN ELKIMA  TRANSFORMER WAS SUCCESSFULLY TESTED The Dielectric Strength of transformer oil is very important since it is essential in maintaining the reliable operation of power transformers.  The dielectric strength of transformer oil is mainly determined by the presence of acids, water, and other contaminates.  It is therefore, important to keepRead More

Transformer oil breakdown voltage measurements

Transformer oil is used in high-voltage equipment as an insulating medium due to its higher dielectric strength compared to gases, for example. However, while in use, oils may experience a breakdown which means losing the ability to withstand high voltages. A breakdown poses a risk of failure to expensive electrical equipment: transformers, oil-filled cables, capacitors,Read More

Accurate measurement of dielectric loss tangent of transformer oil

The efficiency factor of a transformer never reaches 100%; in principle, just like with any other device. This is due to the fact that there occur power losses of transformers during operation. These losses take place in the copper conductors of the winding and in the magnetic core (magnetic circuit) made of steel. In thisRead More

dielectric strength measurement

Dielectric breakdown measurement of transformer oil

Dielectric breakdown measurement is performed in order to assess how well the oil is ready to insulate the live parts of a transformer. Instruments for measuring this parameter should be available in every electrical laboratory. In this article, we will discuss brief theoretical information about transformer oil breakdown voltage and how this voltage is determined.Read More

Oil Moisture Meter

Oil moisture meter

An oil moisture meter is an instrument that is used to determine the amount of water in industrial oils: transformer, lubricating, turbine, transmission, and other oils. In this article, we are going to discuss the most important matters related to oil wetness: how water gets into oil; in what forms water can be contained inRead More

GlobeCore equipment was represented at the international electrical engineering exhibition in Italy

On September 22–23, 2021, COILTECH 2021, a specialized international exhibition, was held in Pordenone (Italy). COILTECH is the largest event in the field of materials, machinery, and equipment for production and maintenance of electric motors, generators, transformers, and electromagnetic coils. This year, the exhibition was attended by DASOTEC S.r.l., an exclusive dealer of GlobeCore inRead More

TOR-5 transformer status monitoring system

In this article, we will discuss special aspects of transformer diagnostic evaluation and focus on online transformer monitoring systems. The presence of such systems makes transformer servicing easier, more convenient, and cost-effective. Approaches to classification of transformer status monitoring methods There exist various approaches to classification of transformer status monitoring methods which are determined byRead More

Measurement of hydrogen content in transformer oil

Oil is used in a transformer to insulate live parts and to remove heat. These are two main functions, but there is also a third function: insulating oils are a good information environment by means of which it is possible to diagnose the development of various defects. This is due to the fact that gasesRead More

Detection of transformer insulation wetness

Power transformers are an important link in electrical power supply systems. They allow connecting the grid sections of different voltages and reducing the electricity losses during electricity transmission over great distances. A sudden failure of even one transformer causes the entire neighborhoods to remain without electricity. For this to happen as seldom as possible, maintenanceRead More


Launch of GlobeCore equipment in Ecuador

In April 2021, GlobeCore service representative Jose Mora visited Ecuador where he held another launch of equipment. GlobeCore provides comprehensive power transformer maintenance solutions. Therefore, this time, our partner purchased several items of equipment at once: TOR-80 instrument; СММ-4/7 unit; TSS (Transformer Security System). TOR-80 is a compact and convenient instrument for measuring the breakdownRead More


GlobeCore at a seminar in Mexico

On March 26, 2021, a seminar was held on Analysis of Dielectric Oils in Hermosillo (Mexico). The seminar was organized by Dymelec SA de CV. Fifty participants attended it, including the representatives from CFE, the largest power transmission company of Mexico, and GlobeCore represented by Jose Mora. The following matters were discussed during the seminar:Read More

Transformer oil dielectric loss testing equipment

Transformer oil dielectric loss testing equipment is used both at the stage of checking the quality of oil before feeding it into the transformer and during the use of oil. In this article, we will discuss what is meant by the dielectric loss tangent, what parameters it depends on, what algorithm is applied to determineRead More

dissolved gas analysis of transformer oil

Dissolved gas analysis of transformer oil

In this article, we will discuss one of the main methods for diagnostic evaluation of transformers — dissolved gas analysis of transformer oil. Hereinafter, we will tell you when it is advisable to use this method, what main techniques there exist to interpret the results thereof, and also speak about a new instrument in GlobeCoreRead More

dielectric strength of transformer oil

Dielectric strength of transformer oil

The dielectric strength of transformer oil is one of the main parameters the value of which can be used to judge the quality and the current status of liquid transformer insulation. Physically, dielectric strength is the minimum electric field intensity at which electrical breakdown of a liquid dielectric occurs. Typically, the unit used to measureRead More

dielectric strength measurement

Dielectric strength measurement of transformer oil

In this article, we will discuss what is meant by the dielectric strength of transformer oil, how dielectric strength measurement is taken, and what instruments are used for this purpose. Along with the dielectric loss tangent, dielectric strength is the main characteristic to describe the dielectric properties of insulating oil. Therefore, an interest in exploringRead More

Webinar “BDV Testing Online. Methods of Measurement and Improvement”

On March 30–31, another webinar will be held under the title “BDV Testing Online. Methods of Measurement and Improvement” as part of GlobeCore Tech School program. During the webinar, the following matters will be considered: standards for determining the breakdown voltage; how an oil breakdown occurs in the transformer; how to take samples correctly; whatRead More

New instruments for transformer oil testing

It is important not only to purify or regenerate transformer oil, but also to do it on time, so that it could be used as long as possible. For this purpose, the periodic monitoring is carried out of important oil parameters: breakdown voltage, moisture content, dielectric loss tangent, acid number, etc. The results obtained makeRead More

frequency of transformer oil testing

Transformer oil tester

Transformer oil tester is a device that measures one or more parameters of an oil in order to determine its current state. The market for such equipment is large, so in this article we will focus only on the basic parameters and solutions that GlobeCore offers to determine them. Also note that some types ofRead More


GlobeCore at Transformador LatAm 360

The Transformador LarAm 360 symposium was held in Panama, focused on transformer servicing and lifetime extension. The discussions during the event touched on the important topics of transformer lifecycle. Each topic was presented by an expert in the specific field, which included representatives from SDMyers, Megger, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen, GlobeCore, Omicron, Qualitrol and Transformer Clinic. GlobeCore’sRead More

transformer oil transfer

Transformer Oil Transfer

Most modern transformers use oil for insulation and cooling. The condition of oil defines transformer reliability and continuous power supply to the clients. Therefore, all procedures related to insulating fluid must be performed in strict accordance with the standards for quality and safety. In this article we will look at the process of  transformer oilRead More

turbine oil regeneration

What is Dielectric Strength of Transformer Oil?

Dielectric strength is an indicator used to assess insulation properties of transformer oil. It is very often equated with breakdown voltage, but their numerical values are not equal. Breakdown voltage is a minimum voltage applied to an insulation, resulting in its breaking down and becoming electrically conductive.  At the same time dielectric strength  is aRead More


Oil service for power transformer

Power transformers are the basis of the modern electric power industry. Their reliable operation guarantees the delivery of electricity to large industrial facilities and ordinary consumers. In this article we will consider the oil servicing – as an important component of the transformer insulation maintenance. We shall begin with functions. Oil in transformer isolates individualRead More

GlobeCore put into operation in Saudi Arabia

April 23 – 27, 2017 in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), GlobeCore engineers carried out an effective  commissioning of the CMM-0,6 unit. This equipment is ideal for organizations that have oil-filled equipment and requires their insulating oil cleaned from mechanical impurities, water and gases with processing rate 158 gal / h. The CMM-0,6 unit circulates the oilRead More

Oil purification plant СММ-0,6М commissioned in Indonesia

February 15, 2017 the technical team of GlobeCore commissioned the CMM-0.6M unit in Gresik (Indonesia). The equipment is designed for cleaning insulating oils with viscosity below 70 cSt at 50 ° C from mechanical impurities and water. The unit provides oil purification to cleanliness level of ISO – -/14/12 at the initial cleanliness level ofRead More