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New instruments for transformer oil testing

It is important not only to purify or regenerate transformer oil, but also to do it on time, so that it could be used as long as possible.

For this purpose, the periodic monitoring is carried out of important oil parameters: breakdown voltage, moisture content, dielectric loss tangent, acid number, etc. The results obtained make it possible to judge the degree of aging of the oil and the need for its purification.

The production of compact and easy-to-use instruments (TOR-80, TOR-3) for quick determination of transformer oil parameters was launched by GlobeCore company.

The instrument TOR-80 is designed for automated and accurate (error ±1%) measuring oil electric breakdown voltage. The device can be used independently or in a network with transfer or results on the personal computer, creation of local base, formation of reports, construction of schedules and printing of results. Special software allows you to implement standard and custom measurement procedures, therefore, TOR-80 can be used.

The TOR-3 device is used to measure the  tangent of the dielectric loss angle and the relative dielectric constant oil. TOR-3 has the same advantages as TOR-80:

  • rapid and  automatized measurement while maintaining accuracy;
  • measuring process control with the help of computer, saving results and printing them – variable settings and the possibility of using for research purposes;
  • low weight, compact size and easy use.

The first instruments TOR have already found their users. For more information on these devices, you can get from the contacts in the relevant section of this website.