GlobeCore/ Laboratory Bitumen Emulsion Unit

Laboratory Bitumen Emulsion Unit

Beside equipment to produce bitumen emulsions in industrial quantities, GlobeCore also develops and manufactures laboratory scale units. They are necessary to model real processes occuring in the production of large quantities of the material and to develop bitumen emulsion formulas. It would seem that there are enough bitumen emulsion types in the market today and anyone can select the material for road repairs and construction.

It is not that simple. First, there is always room for improvement. Researches constantly work on improving bitumen emulsion properties. This research helped turn an obscure material into a real alternative to hot bitumen. Second, the requirements to emulsion vary from country to country, making it necessary to produce material in compliance with these requirements, and to know which additives should be mixed with the product to achieve the desired properties. Experimenting with large batches of emulsion is not cost effective, and this is where the laboratory units come into play.

The GlobeCore UVB-L type units are semi-automatic machines, built around a two-stage mixer. In the first stage, the bitumen phase passes through an injector, where it is mixed with the water blend, and follows on to the second hydrodynamic mixer for intensive mixing of the ingredients. The emulsion them flows to the finished product container. The UVB-L produces a batch of emulsion at the rate of 20 liters per minute.

With the UVB-L it is possible to produce test batches of bitumen emulsions, select ingredients based on the required product properties and application and test emulsification abilities of surfactants.